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Creative Ideas for Stuck-at-Home Families

If there’s one thing we know for sure, it’s that this pandemic is affecting all of us. We’re stuck at home practicing social distancing and the days are starting to run together: Working, parenting, cleaning, cooking, teaching, and doing our level best to stay positive amid an influx of disheartening news. It can be helpful to break up your days with projects that feed your soul and lift your spirits. Here are a few ideas.

Turn Honey-Do into Honey-Done

While we’ve been inside, Spring has sprung outside, and that means your yard and the exterior of your home likely need a bit of tending. Now that the entire family is home all day, every day, you can take advantage of the old adage: Many hands make light work! Split up the chores and give kids age-appropriate tasks they can feel good about completing: Cut the lawn, trim the landscaping, check window screens for tears or holes, inspect outdoor plumbing for leaks. Once you have these chores underway, make a list of necessary tasks you can’t handle yourself. That might include heavy landscaping, power washing siding, staining a deck or fence, etc. Hiring a ‘handy man’ or small business is a great way to support your community right now. The added bonus of hiring someone now is that you’ll be home while they’re doing the work instead of at the office, so you can keep an eye on the work and ensure it’s completed to your satisfaction. Many of these businesses need the support right now, and since they’ll be working outside, you can keep your six feet of distance by staying inside. Not sure which local business to choose? You can search your area and read reviews on Angie’s List, Google, and Home Advisor.


Make Today Your ‘Someday’

Life is busy and the things we always said we’d do ‘someday’ tend to get pushed aside for all the adulting we’re forced to do on the daily. While your life might feel a bit stalled right now, you’re likely busier than ever, making sure your kids are doing their school work, teaching them lessons, cooking every meal… it might be less exciting but it’s no less hectic. Still, wouldn’t it be nice to take advantage of all this time at home to try something you’ve been meaning to look into for yourself? Maybe now’s the perfect time to pick up an old hobby or look into those subscriptions boxes you keep hearing about. A few to look into:

Maybe you’ve already earned a business degree, but you’ve always been interested in art, or you’re a lawyer with a JD, but you’re fascinated with data science. Whatever the reason, now is a great time to dive in and take a class where you can learn at your own speed. In fact, there are eight ivy league schools offering online classes right now for free. If you’ve ever wanted to tell your friends you’re studying at Harvard, now’s the time!

If you’re used to your gym workouts or instructor-led exercise classes, working out at home might be tough to sustain. Motivating yourself to exercise everyday isn’t easy, especially when the only equipment in your home is an old stationary bike. It’s time to mix things up! Try a new exercise program with an online subscription. Many of these offer free trials so you can test it out before committing: Daily Burn, Core Power Yoga, Crunch Live, Pilatesology, Burn Boot Camp.


Plan Ahead

While you may not be able to go to your favorite restaurant, take a vacation, or start a remodeling project today, you can have fun planning them now!

Create a wish Jar. Give everyone in your house a few strips of paper and have them write down one thing on each strip they wish they could do right now but can’t because of social distancing. Fold all the strips and keep them in a clear container in the kitchen. As soon as life returns to ‘normal’ take turns opening the strips and doing the activity. Your whole family will be more appreciative of the little things, like playing at a park or visiting grandma and grandpa.

Stock up on gift certificates. Many restaurants have closed or shuttered their dine-in services temporarily. Go ahead and purchase gift certificates now that you can use later, once the restaurant is back up and running full-service. You’ll be supporting a local business and helping them stay afloat during this tough time. Many restaurants are offering discounts on gift certificates right now, so you may get more for your money now, too!

Dream up the perfect getaway. Picture your toes in the sand, weaving your way through foreign shops, or conquering the slopes. Whatever your dream vacation, there are plenty of websites out there to fuel your fantasy and help you decide where to go and what to do when you get there. Let everyone in the family share their idea of a perfect vacation, pick a date far enough into the future to save some spending cash, and start planning!

Picture your dream room. Maybe you’ve been dreaming of a new master bathroom, a remodeled kitchen, or a finished basement. Now is the time to get serious! Decide which room is most in need of a remodel, determine your budget and when you’d like to have it completed (before the holidays?). Re-Bath’s proprietary process allows us to complete a full bathroom remodel in just days. Our Design Consultant brings the showroom right to your living room and will help you design the bathroom of your dreams. You can schedule a consultation for later this summer and visit our design gallery for ideas and inspiration now!

Feed your soul and lift your spirits with activities that help you get through the days and weeks ahead. Above all, stay home if you’re able, and stay well.

Each Re-Bath location is taking every precaution to continue bringing customers a bathroom they’ll love. Click here to learn how your local Re-Bath can safely serve you. We can’t wait to work with you!