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outdated bathroom trends

3 Trends That Make Your Bathroom Look Outdated

Bathroom design trends come and go. These trends had a good run, but homeowners are ready to move on from these outdated bathroom trends. If your bathroom is looking tired and/or outdated, read on for some new…

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small bathroom tips
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11 Small Bathroom Remodeling Tips from Design Pros

The average bathroom is about 160 square feet in size. Not a ton of space to work with in a room that has to do a lot of work morning and night. Increasing the footprint…

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Remodel Your Bathroom
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Is it Time to Remodel Your Bathroom? 7 Questions to Help You Decide

The last few years saw massive growth for remodeling as homeowners spent more time in their homes. This year, experts predict that we’re heading into a recession, which means spending may slow. For homeowners, that…

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Wake up on the bright side with Re-Bath
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Wake Up on the Bright Side: 7 Changes That Can Improve Your Day

Even with a consistent nightly routine—choosing an outfit the night before, setting the coffee maker to start brewing precisely at 6am—not every morning gets off to a perfect start. There’s more to a great day…

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2023 Bathroom Design Trends

5 Bathroom Design Trends for 2023

The new year brings some exciting trends in bathroom design and remodeling we can’t wait to share. So, without further ado, here are the top trends in bathroom design for 2023. Bathroom Design Trend #1:…

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Fresh Moods for 2023
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3 Fresh Moods Inspired by 2023 Color Trends

The color trends for 2023 reflect strong moods that translate to beautiful interior design styles. From ethereal shades to inspiring vibes, the coming year promises to reflect individuality and bring out your inner adventure-seeker. Be…

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RB Blog NOV 22 02
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6 Quick Bathroom Touch-Ups to Make Before the Guests Arrive

The holiday season is officially upon us! It’s also a season of dropping temperatures and early sunsets, which is why cultivating a warm, welcoming atmosphere in your home is a must if you want to…

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Bathroom remodeling for holidays
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7 Steps to Planning Your New Bathroom Just in Time for the Holidays

It’s officially Autumn. That means Pumpkin Spice Lattes, falling leaves, and… holiday decorations? Stores across the country (not to mention online shops) have pulled out the holiday displays and are shamelessly promoting Thanksgiving, Christmas, Kwanzaa,…

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RB Blog Metals Periodic Color 02
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Modern Bathroom Ideas: Trending Metal Finishes

Updating your bathroom’s fixtures and accessories can change the entire look of the space. When it comes to your bathroom’s handles and pulls, door hardware, sink, shower, and tub faucets, towel bars and hooks, lighting…

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The 1 Critical Qualification Most Remodeling Contractors Don’t Have

Your bathroom is likely the smallest room in your house, which makes it one of the most complex to renovate. In a kitchen, for example, two or more contractors can work side by side, but…

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walk-in shower with sliding glass door
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8 Bathroom Design Tips from the Pros

The bathroom might be the smallest room in your home, but when it comes to remodeling, the related decisions can feel overwhelmingly big. From floor to ceiling, toilet to tub, and everything in between, bathroom…

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6 Strategies for Lasting Peace in the Kids’ Bathroom

Let’s be honest: Sharing is a slow-to-develop life skill. Even as adults, we have a tough time sharing our favorite things, but kids can argue over just about anything. “Mine” is among the first words kids learn, after all, and they use it constantly:

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