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Safe, walk-in bathtubs

The majority of homes in America do not have accessible showers, presenting a safety concern for people with limited mobility and mature adults who wish to age in place.


Re-Bath’s slip-resistant technology and seamless upgrades give these individuals the confidence and security they need to remain in their homes and maintain their independence. Our accessible bathroom remodels make your bathroom more comfortable and secure without sacrificing attractive design.

Slip Resistant Technology

Re-Bath’s patented DuraGard™ slip resistant technology provides sure footing in the shower or bath to help you lower the risk of accidental injury in the bathroom.

ADA Compliant

An ADA-compliant bathroom remodel can make it possible to live independently and safely in your home.

Security With Style

With Re-Bath, adding safety doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice style. Our remodels leave you with a space that’s both safe and beautifully designed.

Hassle-Free Process

Our quality materials, quick installation and long-term warranties make it easy to turn your existing bathroom into a comfortable, safe space.


Stylish Walk-in Bathtub Remodels

Re-Bath’s walk-in bathtubs include innovative safety features and thoughtful design elements, allowing you to create the beautiful bathroom you want with the safety and comfort you need. Our ADA compliant walk-in tubs offer features like grab bars, slip-resistant flooring, comfortable seats and more, all incorporated seamlessly into an attractive design.

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