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9 Tricky Ways to Get More Space Out of Your Bathroom

The average bathroom is about 160 square feet in size. Not a ton of space to work with in a room that has to do a lot of work, morning and night. Increasing the footprint isn’t an option for most homeowners. But there are ways to get more space out of your existing bathroom’s footprint. These 9 tricks are a great place to start:

Tip #1: Round it out

Tight spaces and sharp corners rarely mix. But the majority of vanity counters are square or rectangular, which means your hips might take a bit of abuse in those tight spaces. A rounded vanity not only take up less physical space, but it gives the entire bathroom a more open feel. And, if you do happen to bump into it, you won’t feel the sting.

Tip #2: Extend it (banjo-style)

Short on counter space?  Extend the counter over the toilet to provide additional space.

This added counter creates just enough space for a few needed items and keeps the look of the bathroom clean. You can also make your bathroom appear wider by installing wood planks or long tiles.

Tip #3 Bigger is (sometimes) better

In this case, when it comes to the bathroom mirror, bigger can definitely be better. Mirrors are a common design trick in small spaces. Not only do they reflect light, but they give the appearance that a space is larger than it really is. If you have double sinks, place one larger mirror of the entire counter surface. Or expand it across the entire wall.

Also, choose large patterns for wall tile and flooring. Small tiles can actually have the opposite effect you want, making the bathroom appear busy and crowded.

Tip #4:  Pick one color (and stick to it)

A soft, neutral tone will help to keep a small space from feeling even smaller. White is best, as it lightens and opens up a space. And remember, once you’ve chosen a color, you don’t have to stick to just that one. You can use different shades of the same color to add interest and elements of design.

Tip #5:  Swing the other way (or not at all)

Changing the direction the door swings can help to make your bathroom feel a little larger. Better yet, install a pocket door to avoid taking up any space. And if your shower door swings open, consider replacing it with a sliding door or a shower curtain to save space.

Tip #6: Recess!

Shelves, cabinets and other items that protrude from the walls can make a small space appear even more crowded. That said, storage space is a commodity in bathrooms, so it won’t do to simply remove all you have. Consider installing recessed accessories to save space and give your bathroom a more open feel. Accessories such as toilet paper holders, towel holders, and medicine cabinets are all available in recessed versions.

Tip #7: Light it up

Not all bathrooms have the luxury of natural light, but if yours does have a window, take advantage of it! Remove window coverings that can block light, or replace heavier shades with lighter fabrics that provide privacy while still allowing some natural light to warm up the space. For task lighting, add wall sconces on either side of the mirror. Overhead, install an ambient light. Adding a dimmer to this light can make it even more functional.

Tip #8:  Raise the roof

In the smallest of bathrooms, sometimes the only way to go is up. Create the illusion of a taller ceiling by raising the shower curtain bar as close to the ceiling as possible. Install crown molding around the ceiling, and paint it the same color to trick the eye into making the room appear larger. Vertical elements, like a tall, thin mirror or high shelving can also draw the eye upwards creating a sense of space.

Tip #9: Get down

While it may sound counterintuitive, adding a dark or vibrant color below waist level can actually make the rest of the bathroom appear bigger and brighter. Choose a dark shade for the baseboards or the vanity and keep everything else in the bathroom light and bright.

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