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A Vanity for Every Bathroom

Bathroom vanities have been enjoying a bit of resurgence in the past several years, thanks in part to shows such as Fixer Upper paying them so much attention. What used to be simply space for a sink and cabinet storage has become an eye-catching design staple. With endless style possibilities and storage functionality, selecting a bathroom vanity can take some time. Choosing the perfect bathroom vanity will depend on how much space you have available (typically they come in 24-, 30- and 36-inch widths), who’s using the vanity and how much storage you need. Here are some things to consider for each bathroom in your home before choosing a vanity.


The Master Bathroom

Regardless of the size of your master bathroom, your vanity most likely needs to serve dual purposes, and two very different needs. If you share your bathroom with a spouse and are lucky enough to have space for two separate vanities (a his and hers, perhaps), you’ll have some wiggle room. But these two vanities still need to work well together in their shared space. Consider what each of you uses the vanity for each day. Will you opt for a double-sink vanity, or two single-sink matching vanities? Should they be the same height? You can cater to your specific height requirements and still create a cohesive look. Manufactures such as Bertch specialize in diverse styles, sizes, and finishes and offer a variety of height and depth options to suit your unique needs. How much additional storage does your master bath offer? If you’ve got a linen closet and other storage solutions, you may not need too much in the way of hidden storage within the vanity. Opt for an open look instead, with shelving and woven or linen baskets to hold essentials. The trend in kitchens of installing one countertop around the perimeter of the room and another on the center island can be used in the master bath as well, creating a custom look for each of you. A vintage dresser or sideboard can be upcycled into a stylish vanity with plenty of storage space.


The Kids’ Bathroom

The kids’ bathroom is likely where you’ll want plenty of storage. Most kids’ bathrooms don’t have a lot of extra space, so every inch counts. Drawers might work better in this vanity than cabinet doors because it forces each child to keep his or her own space tidy. If you do like the open look, be sure each child has a storage space to call her own. If your kids still have lots of growing to do, consider installing a taller vanity and incorporate a step stool into the design of the vanity itself. Later, the step stool can be removed and replaced with an additional drawer or shelf. It’s okay to be whimsical with your vanity design in a kids’ bathroom, just remember they’ll outgrow their favorite colors and designs long before the vanity will need to be replaced. Keep it neutral and add decorative touches to make it their own. Sturdy construction and highly durable materials are a must in kids’ bathrooms!


The Guest Bathroom

Before you decide on a vanity for the guest bathroom, think about how it’s used. Do you routinely have out of town guests? Does the guest bath get used more by drop-in visitors than overnight guests? Do you use the guest bath to store excess towels and other essentials? Are your frequent guests young or more mature? Keeping universal design tips in mind will help you create a space that’s safe for visitors of all ages and abilities. Short or tall? How might this change over the next decade? Keep in mind, when overnight guests come to visit, they don’t typically unpack all their essentials, but instead crowd bottles and containers onto the countertop. Choosing a vanity with drawers and doors might not be ideal here, as guests are more prone to leave things behind that aren’t out in the open. Opt for an open shelf vanity in the guest bath, and consider a double vanity with just a single sink to provide extra countertop space for all your guests’ travel essentials. Use the open shelving underneath to store towels and washcloths and a basket of extra necessities (razors, toothbrushes, toothpaste, soap) in case any are forgotten.


The Half Bathroom

Half baths are significantly smaller than full baths and typically have just enough space for a toilet and a small sink. A bowl sink makes the most of limited counter space and creates a modern aesthetic. A sleek, narrow vanity can still provide storage without taking up additional space. A corner vanity can be ideal for the smallest of spaces. A pedestal sink is perfect for bathrooms that don’t require extra storage. You might be more inclined to focus on function over form for this bathroom, but tight space doesn’t mean it can’t be big on design! A clear glass bowl can draw the eye and create a stunning visual, even in the most cramped of spaces. Think minimalistic design, clean lines and sleek elements.


If you’re considering a partial or full remodel for any of the bathrooms in your home, contact your local Re-Bath today for a no-cost design consultation. Our Design Consultant brings the showroom to your family room and will help you bring your dream master, kids’, guest and half bathroom to life!