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6 Signs Your Bathroom is Frighteningly Outdated

Bathrooms take a lot of abuse. Over time, it’s normal for that daily wear and tear to take its toll. But neglecting old fixtures and seemingly minor issues for too long can result in some potentially serious problems and safety hazards. Pay attention to these six signs that your bathroom is in need of some TLC.

Sign No. 1: Your toilet hasn’t been replaced since George W. Bush was in office

The Energy Policy Act of 1992 mandates that new residential toilets use no more than 1.6 gallons of water per flush. If your toilet pre-dates the Bush Administration, you’re likely wasting up to three gallons per use—increasing your water bill and negatively impacting the environment.

Sign No. 2: Drips, leaks, or runs

If your sink drips, your tub and shower leak, and/or your toilet runs, it’s definitely time to give your bathroom some love. Each year, leaks account for roughly 1 trillion gallons of wasted water, nationwide. The personal impact can be significant, too. Leaks can:

  • unnecessarily increase your water bill.
  • contribute to mold and mildew, which are hazards to both your >health and your wallet.
  • cause structural damage to walls and floors immediately around the fixture. Moreover, that water can seep into other areas of your home.
  • shorten the lifespan of fixtures by putting unnecessary stress on gaskets and washers.

It’s no wonder that the number one reason homeowners remodel their master bathroom is to upgrade fixtures!

Sign No. 3: Your vanity overfloweth

Outdated bathrooms tend to have a serious lack of storage space. If you’re weary of piles and clutter, adding new cabinets and shelves can make a lasting difference. And if you’re constantly bumping into your partner as you’re trying to get ready in the morning, adding a second sink could be in order.

Sign No. 4: Your toilet is unsteady

There are few things more unnerving than sitting on a wobbly toilet. It’s possible that simply tightening a few bolts will solve this problem. However, it could be that you have a leak that’s causing vulnerability in the floor where the toilet is mounted.

Sign No. 5: You’ve had a slip or fall

Outdated style in a bathroom is a mild inconvenience. Slippery surfaces are another matter entirely. Each year, more than 200,000 people suffer an emergency-room-worthy injury in the bathroom—more than one-third of them in the bathtub or shower. If your mobility has decreased and you’re having difficulty safely navigating your bathroom, consider these solutions:

  • slip-resistant technology
  • stable grab bars and shower seats
  • practical, attractive walk-in tubs
  • low-threshold shower bases

Sign No. 6: Your bathroom’s design falls somewhere between “blah” and “ewww”

Whether you’re dealing with pink tile, 70s wallpaper, or deep pile carpet (who thought that was a good idea?), an out-of-style bathroom is an eyesore. And when we don’t especially like the look and feel of a room, we tend to neglect it. That lack of attention can result in some of the other issues we’ve mentioned above.

If you’ve nodded your head at more than one of these six signs, it may be time to consider a some updates. A complete bathroom remodel can take care of all of these issues, giving you a fresh look, more storage space, additional safety features and upgraded fixtures. And best of all, a Re-Bath bathroom remodel gives you the form and function you want at the budget you need. We handle the entire process, from design to done, in just days.

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