6 Ways to Discover Your True Design Style

Design is all around you—on your favorite websites, in your closet, streaming on TV… so why is it so hard to choose the perfect style when it comes to remodeling? If you’re not sure whether you prefer traditional or transitional, rustic or contemporary style, you’re not alone. The truth is that most homeowners we talk with feel a bit overwhelmed with all the options. Between Pinterest and Instagram alone, there’s a virtually unlimited amount of choices! You can make the decision process easier by looking for clues. Take some inspiration from these six areas of your life to find your perfect bathroom remodeling style.


Design Inspiration: Profile Peek

What better place to look to for style inspiration than yourself? The way you style your hair, the clothes you wear, and the accessories you add to your outfits are all telling components of your personal style. Open your closet or pull up your social media profile and have a look at your most recent posts and pictures. Is business casual your mantra on the daily, or do you tend to go for more formal business attire during the work week? Does that style translate into the weekends? Or do you go full-on casual with a boho chic vibe? If you see yourself in starched collars and pressed pants (or jeans), you might lean toward the traditional. Love mixing colors and patterns? An eclectic style might suit you best.


Design Inspiration: Press Play

The types of music you listen to can reveal a lot about your personal taste. Pull up your Spotify or Pandora account, dust off your old album covers, or tune in to your preset radio stations. What style of music is the soundtrack to your life? If you hear soft rock, jazz or singer/songwriter tunes, you might prefer a traditional vibe. If country music fills your ears and your soul, rustic style might be perfect. Prefer new age rock, contemporary jazz or rap? Have a look at contemporary style. You can also use album art to brainstorm ideas for color schemes, or take your music inspiration literally by incorporating vinyl album covers as art pieces.


Design Inspiration: Streaming Favorites

Whether you stream Netflix, Hulu, or HBO GO, the shows you watch can also be a good indicator of your preferences. What kinds of themes and genres do you find yourself revisiting time and time again? If you binge watch an entire season of The Crown in one night traditional style might be ideal for you. If you like shows that take place mostly in the great outdoors, like Frontier and Longmire, rustic design might be a perfect fit. Perhaps you prefer the sleek futurism of sci-fi shows such as Altered Carbon and Westworld. In that case, you might enjoy the minimalist design paired with state-of-the-art materials used in contemporary spaces. Do you binge on a mix of shows from The Crown to Man in the High Castle, and This is Us? Check out transitional style!



Design Inspiration: Photo Op!

Where do you go to escape? Is it the beach? Mountains? Desert? Draw inspiration from your favorite destination and incorporate elements from the photos you’ve taken there to design a space that where you can get away from it all. A beach-inspired bathroom, for example, might include a tub for long, relaxing soaks and a sea green, sky blue, and sand-tone color scheme. A bathroom remodel that takes its cues from the mountains might include a granite walk-in shower with a rainfall showerhead and a pebbled, earth-toned floor.


Design Inspiration: Bookmark It!

The content you return to online (bookmarked pages, Pinterest pins, saved Facebook posts) can reveal what you find most eye-catching and memorable. Someone who saves camping trip ideas and scenic hiking trails will likely have different stylistic choices than someone who bookmarks five-star hotel websites and luxury home walkthrough videos. If you find yourself somewhere in the middle, pull from a variety of your hobbies and interests. You may prefer a shower to a shower/tub combo, or an oversized vanity and linen closet to a simple medicine cabinet. Maybe you love those little extras: warm towels out of the shower, or a heated floor. If you tend to bookmark sites like Apple or Microsoft, you might be inclined to incorporate the latest smart products and accessories, like no-touch faucets and self-cleaning toilets. Love shopping for vintage wares on eBay and Craigslist? Incorporate an antique mirror or repurpose an old dresser or night stand into a retro-stylish vanity.


Design Inspiration: Head Home

Our families have quite an impact on our design choices at home. And rightly so! The people in your home have their own desires to be considered. Look to the needs of those you love most and remember to incorporate those elements into your aesthetic. Safety doesn’t have to mean void of style! Elderly family members and those with different abilities might benefit from a safety bar, shower seat or even a walk-in tub. Little ones might require a step stool, slip-resistant flooring, and towel hooks hung low where they can reach.


With so many design choices and style options, it can be hard to figure out your personal preferences. That’s why having a Design Consultant by your side can be so valuable! At Re-Bath, we’ll guide you through the design process and then bring your unique style to life in your new bathroom. Contact your local Re-Bath today to get started – we can’t wait to help you design a bathroom that speaks to your perfect style!