The 8 Latest Trends in Bathroom Fixtures

You’ve decided to remodel your bathroom—great! Now what? With so many product options, choosing a specific design, color, or model can feel overwhelming. To make the “narrowing down” process easier, it’s helpful to be aware of what fixtures are popular for their style, functionality, and performance. Get inspiration for your new bathroom from these top trends in bathroom fixtures.


Bathroom Fixture Trend #1 Green Shower heads

A basic wall-mounted shower head is certainly functional. And because they’re available in a variety of styles and finishes, you’re likely to find the perfect one for your bathroom. But eco-friendly products are on the rise, and considering that showering accounts for close to 20% of indoor water use in the home, a “green” shower head is a smart choice. Check out options such as MOEN’s Voss Posi-Temp, which combines form and function, and conserves water.


Bathroom Fixture Trend #2: Immersive Experiences

Turning everyday tasks into immersive experiences is one way to get more enjoyment out of your home. Upgrading from a single shower head to a handheld adds a level of comfort and convenience, especially for those with limited mobility. Products such as the MOEN Hand Shower with Slide Bar combine comfort and convenience—with spray options, and an adjustable handheld shower height. Want to take the experience up a notch? The latest trend incorporates two fixed shower heads and one hand-held nozzle for a total of three shower heads that can accommodate two people.


Bathroom Fixture Trend #3: Modern Lighting

Good lighting in the bathroom is a must, but the wall sconces and ceiling fixtures of your childhood bathroom are so last season. LED-integrated mirrors create a chic, clean look and side lighting is ideal for grooming. And don’t forget to upgrade your outlets… even in the bathroom, homeowners are adding charging ports so that they’re never too far from their smart devices.


Bathroom Fixture Trend #4: Luxury Showers

Why take a trip to the spa when you can enjoy a luxurious shower in your own home? The latest trends in showers include shower benches, shower panels with jets, and even a rain shower. All that’s missing is the relaxing overhead music. Add a waterproof Bluetooth shower speaker and you’re all set!


Bathroom Fixture Trend #5: Motion Sensor Faucets

A motion sensor faucet is the perfect marriage of functionality and style. You get the convenience of hands-free use, while cutting your water consumption in half. They only run while you’re using them, so no more reminding the kiddos to turn off the sink while they’re brushing their teeth. The MOEN Arbor Motionsense faucet has a sleek look with a variety of finishes.


Bathroom Fixture Trend #6: Modern Finishes

Silver and gold finishes may always be around but thankfully options for faucets and fixtures are expanding. Now trending? Gold, Rose Gold and Black. Choose one of these colors for an instant face-lift to your vanity or shower.


Bathroom Fixture Trend #7: Dual Flush Toilets

With toilets making up about 31% of a household’s water consumption, it’s no wonder the more eco-friendly dual-flush toilets are trending. Dual-flush toilets have a full flush and half flush capability, with the average flush volume at 1.1 gallons or less, as opposed to an average of 3.6 gallons in older toilets. This trend saves you money, and conserves water!


Bathroom Fixture Trend #8: Chic Shower Designs

Say goodbye to the days of boring shower curtains or doors. French shower doors are in vogue, adding a functional yet chic statement. Working with a small bathroom? Save space by installing a shower head in the ceiling, and a drain in the floor—for a borderless shower.


Whether functionality, style, or energy consumption takes priority for your fixtures, these trends will help guide you in choosing the perfect showers, faucets, and more for your bathroom. At Re-Bath, we can help you choose quality products, and complete your entire bathroom remodeling project—large or small. Learn more about how to bring these trends and more to your home!