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Relationship Rescue: 5 Tips for Couples Sharing a Bathroom

Want to know if you can spend the rest of your life with someone? Share a bathroom with them for a week.

Whether you just moved in with your significant other or have been cohabitating for years, you’re probably familiar with the challenges that come with sharing a bathroom. In honor of Valentine’s Day, we’re opening the Design Consultant vault to share the most common complaints we hear from couples, along with solutions that make sharing a bathroom a little easier.

“Her/His Stuff is Everywhere!”

The transition from having your own bathroom to sharing one with a partner can be … difficult. One minute you’re master of your domain, with all your toiletries and accoutrements right where you like them. The next, your stuff’s been shuffled around and there are strange tubes and bottles everywhere! The solution? Up your storage game! Modern vanities offer plenty of drawers, shelves, and dividers for storing grooming products, cleaning supplies, and more. While you’re planning your remodel, use these temporary fixes:

  • Adhere a stick-on metal strip to the inside of the medicine cabinet door for small, easy-to-lose items such as bobby pins, tweezers and nail clippers.
  • Give an old wine rack a second life as a towel holder
  • Use that three-tier serving tray collecting dust in the basement to organize a messy countertop.


“The bathroom’s always a mess!”

Keeping the bathroom clean is a constant battle, not to mention the battles that ensue over who does the cleaning. Make cleaning easier (and faster), by getting rid of products that seem to collect the most mold and mildew – like shower curtains and glass sliding doors – and upgrade to low-maintenance products that don’t require weekly scrubbing and scraping to stay clean. Walk-in showers are not only trendy, they can also create more room in the shower and make your bathroom appear larger at the same time. Products such as non-porous wall surrounds and custom shower bases resist mold and mildew which means you can resist arguing over cleaning duties! While you’re thinking about remodeling your bathroom, give these tips a shot:

  • Keep a container of wet wipes under the sink and give your countertop a daily swipe to keep surfaces a little more presentable.
  • Squeegee glass doors and walls post-shower to keep mildew at bay.
  • Flip on the exhaust fan every time you shower to ward off mold (and keep mirrors clear).


“There’s no room”

Banging elbows when you brush your teeth, trying to see over each other to get a look in the mirror… small bathrooms certainly don’t do anything to strengthen your relationship. And those spacious master bathroom photos on Pinterest don’t help either (especially when your bathroom is the size of the jetted tub in those pictures!). You might not be able to knock down walls and increase your square footage, but you can make the space you do have work better for you. Convert a tub/shower combo to a glass-walled shower, or if you have a tub and separate shower, consider replacing both with a modern, walk-in shower. A wall-mounted sink is another great space saver, as are recessed shelves built into the wall. Inward swinging door cramping your style? Switch it out for an outward swinging model, or go ultra-compact with a pocket door that slides into the wall. Until you’re ready to upgrade, look up and down to save space:

  • Look up! The area above the bathroom door is usually dead space. Consider installing a shelf that can hold items you don’t need daily, such as extra toiletries and air fresheners.
  • Look down! Move trash cans, laundry hampers and other items that eat up valuable floor space to the bedroom or store inside a linen or other closet.


“Everything’s broken”

Sometimes, despite your best efforts to make the bathroom you have work, there are underlying issues that have gone from inconvenient to downright infuriating. Leaky faucets, a toilet that won’t stop running, chipped and peeling drywall … it’s enough to drive anyone mad. When things get this bad, most couples decide to remodel. If that sounds like a major hassle, it doesn’t have to be. In fact, making some changes now can help you avoid bigger problems down the road. The best part is that our remodeling process takes you from design to done in about a week. Before you get started:

  • Determine whether you need functionality updates, a tub/shower conversion, or a complete bathroom remodel.
  • Look ahead: Are there little ones in your future? Or are you heading into empty-nest territory? It’s wise to think about what safety and accessibility solutions you might require in the not-too-distant future.


“I want more style/functionality”

Asking a couple what the most important quality of a bathroom remodel is usually results in two different answers. Inevitably, one half of the couple is most concerned with functionality while the other is more focused on design. We believe you shouldn’t have to sacrifice one for other. A sleek walk-in shower can incorporate a seamless bench seat for functionality and safety without missing a design beat. A grab bar in a gorgeous, modern finish can double as a towel bar, combining the best of beauty and safety. And with slip-resistant flooring, you can go ahead and ditch those dated rugs and rubber mats without fear of slips. A Re-Bath update or remodel can give you the functionality you need without sacrificing beautiful design. Schedule a free, in-home design consultation to find out how!


Whether you need a complete remodel, a simple tub or shower update, or aging and accessibility upgrades that make your bathroom a safer, more comfortable space, Re-Bath has you covered. Learn more about our hassle-free, four-step process and browse our design gallery to start planning a bathroom designed with both of you in mind, today!