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Healthy home. Healthy you.

The right bathroom remodel can do so much more than just improve appearances—it can keep you and your home healthy. At Re-Bath, our goal is to give you a comfortable, safe, healthy space that you can enjoy for many years to come. There are many reasons to remodel your bathroom, but when it comes to your health, these are our top four:

Health Reason #1: A Bathroom Remodel Can Lower the Risk of Accidental Injury

Slipping on wet shower floors, difficulty getting into and out of a shower or bathtub, becoming dizzy while standing in a shower, can all have an affect on your safety. Re-Bath offers a wide selection of products that can help you avoid injuring yourself in the bathroom. Our slip-resistant technology provides sure footing in the shower or bath. And our grab bars and shower seats provide stability and safety for people of all ages and abilities.

Health Reason #2: A Bathroom Remodel Can Lower Your Chances of Getting Sick

Mold and mildew love wet spaces. Bubs and showers are ideal environments for mold to grow and spread.
According to WebMD, inhaling or coming in contact with mold spores can cause allergic reactions such as sneezing, runny nose, red eyes and skin rash. Those with serious mold allergies could also experience shortness of breath. Breathing in mold can also cause an asthma attack in those who suffer from asthma. Re-Bath bathroom remodeling removes old tubs, shower surrounds and grout with mold and mildew that can cause illness, providing you with clean, modern fixtures for a healthier bathroom – and a healthier you.

Health Reason #3: A Bathroom Remodel Can Make Bathing Easier and More Comfortable

For people with limited mobility, simple tasks such as bathing can become accident-prone struggles. The difficulty of getting safely into and out of a bathtub can prevent people with limited abilities from bathing regularly, simply because they want to avoid the potential for danger. Re-Bath takes the stress out of bathing for those with limited mobility. Our walk-in tubs and no-lip shower bases make bathing safer and more comfortable.

Health Reason #4: A Bathroom Remodel Can Instill Pride in Your Home

Upgrading your bathroom can increase the overall value of your home. And loving the space you call home increases the chances that it will be better taken care of for many years to come. Upgraded plumbing and fixtures can make your home look and feel like new, providing you with a sense of pride, and ensuring that your hard-earned dollars are well spent.

For 40 years, Re-Bath has had one job: bathroom remodels. Experts in our industry, we offer ADA-compliant universal design bathroom remodels that make it possible for people of all ages and abilities to live comfortably, independently and safely in their homes.

Our Certified Aging in Place Specialist (CAPS) franchisees, proprietary products, quick installation, national brand partnerships, and lifetime warranty make it easy to turn your existing risk-prone bathroom into a comfortable, healthy space in less than a week.
Remodeling your bathroom shouldn’t be stressful. And ensuring the comfort and safety of every family member in your home shouldn’t mean you have to give up great design. Re-Bath makes it easy to get effortless, hassle-free remodeling that’s as safe as it is beautiful. Now that’s peace of mind.

Re-Bath’s remodeling solutions aren’t just smart. They’re healthy.
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