Complete Remodel, Ideas, Tub & Shower Updates

Practical Upgrades for Every Bathroom in Your Home

Bathroom remodeling requires lots of decision making, doesn’t it? You’ve got to choose whether to go with a bathtub, a shower, or some combination of the two. Vanity styles, faucets and fixtures, storage solutions… there are countless options from which to choose. The products you select will likely depend on a variety of factors, such as bathroom size, location and the age of your family members, so you’ll have to take those things into consideration before you begin. Lucky for you, we’ve already given those variables much thought and have broken your options and our advice down by bathroom type.

In the Master Bathroom

It’s the place you start and end your day, so it should invigorate you but also relax you. The obvious answer to the tub or shower debate in this room is to choose both—a separate whirlpool tub to soak your cares away, and a shower for typical morning rushes. The reality might just be that you don’t have the space for both – and those tub/shower combinations are rarely easy on the eyes. But the latest products – especially smart products – can give you the functionality you need with the perfect form you desire.

An oversized tub sounds great, in theory, but do you really have time in your daily schedule to spend half an hour soaking in a tub? Perhaps not without being interrupted a few times. The modern solution to all this day-dreaming? A luxurious, walk-in shower. It takes up less space than both a shower and tub, makes it easy to jump in and out quickly, and with modern smart products like a rain bar and steaming functions, you really can have it all.  Our non-porous, mold-resistant DuraBath wall surrounds are perfect for this type of space.


In the Kids’ Bathroom

Kids are messy, and if we dare say so, a little clumsy. But they also grow fast and their needs change just as quickly. A sturdy tub/shower combination is a no-brainer. But with all the advances in bathroom materials and design options, you might want to think a bit differently. A few ideas:

Sibling rivalry causing minor turmoil at home? If you’ve got the space, opt for double vanities so that  two kiddos can get ready for school at the same time without climbing over each other. If your kids’ bathroom real estate is at a premium, consider installing one larger sink with double faucets. Goodbye, elbow jabs!

Parents with little ones may think that choosing a shorter vanity height will make it easy for junior to reach, and it will – temporarily. But in a few short years he’ll be wishing for a taller vanity to accommodate his growing size. A better solution: Go with a taller option and incorporate a pull out step into the base of the vanity. This allows the vanity to grow with your child and saves you from having to remodel every time he has a growth spurt!

If you love the modern look, a single, glass-enclosed space is definitely cutting-edge. Both the tub and shower are situated inside this “wet space” to keep water from all the splashing fun away from the rest of the bathroom. Pure genius!


In the Guest Bathroom

Ah, the guest bath. Cleaned occasionally and used more by members of your home than by visitors. If your home’s guest bedroom has its own bathroom, you have a few more options. Before you decide on a style, think about your typical house guests. Do they come from out of town and stay awhile, or fly in and out in a few days? Are they old college friends? Family with small kids? Or elderly grandparents?

Your oldest and youngest guests, as well as those with limited mobility might appreciate subtle safety elements in the bathroom that can steady unsure footing and prevent slippery surfaces from becoming a hazard. Low threshold shower bases, slip-resistant technology and walk-in showers make for easy entry and exit. A shower bench and grab-bars can help to minimize fall risks and provided added confidence for bathroom users.

Let’s face it, the guest bath doesn’t really get scrubbed down unless overnight visitors are on their way. So, keep the maintenance in this bathroom simple. A simple glass shower enclosure removes the need for cleaning out those grimy glass door tracks or scrubbing dingy shower curtains. It can also help to make a small space feel larger.  And let’s hear it for intelligent design elements! Dark grout is absolutely a thing, undoubtedly invented by homeowners tired of scrubbing white grout lines to no avail. And natural stone wall surrounds do away with grout lines altogether.


In the Hall Bathroom

If your home is equipped with a hall bathroom, you know how tight these quarters can be; rarely is there room for a shower, much less a tub. Still, modern products and design styles can make it possible to fit more functionality into less space. A corner entry shower fits perfectly in a tight corner and can make limited square footage feel more spacious. A pedestal sink or floating basin sink takes up less floor space that a traditional vanity and can help make the room appear larger.


In the Laundry Room

Okay, so it’s not technically a bathroom, but your laundry room is a great space to install a large utility sink or even a small shower stall for washing the family dog or stripping off mud-soaked sports uniforms. If this sounds like a great idea, but you can’t quite picture what it might look like, try our virtual bathroom visualizer.

Whether it’s time to make some quick updates to the guest or hall bath or completely remodel the master or kids’ bathroom, we can help! Our remodeling solutions give you the style you want at the budget you need. Schedule a free design consultation today.