Need Aesthetic Inspiration? Uncover Your Design Style in These 8 Familiar Places

Design ideas are everywhere—on TV shows, in magazines, on blogs. With styles ranging from modern to traditional, eclectic, beachy, and farmhouse, it seems that design options are endless, and ever-growing. If you like elements from all different styles, how can you possibly narrow down “your style?” There are certainly BuzzFeed quizzes for this, but you’re likely to get a different answer every time you take them. There are better ways to determine what you like best, narrow down your style choices and settle on the perfect aesthetic for your home. Here are eight places to look for inspiration:



The Mirror

What better place to look to for style inspiration than yourself? The way you style your hair, the clothes and makeup you wear, and the jewelry you accessorize with are all telling components of your personal style. If you generally go for a more casual, understated look, you may want to translate that with your decorating. Love bright colors and statement jewelry? You might opt for a more eclectic aesthetic in your home.



The Closet

If you need inspiration beyond the outfit you’re wearing, consult your closet. Your fashion sense says a lot about your personal aesthetic, and can give you good insight on what design styles you’re most drawn too. Is your closet rack lined with flannels? Can’t leave the house without your cowboy boots? You might be drawn to a farmhouse aesthetic. Incorporate a refinished wood wall into your new space, or add lighting that gives off a country flair.



The Playlist

Ever thought about checking Spotify or iTunes for design ideas? Think about what types of music you listen to most. What kind of setting do you want to be in when while listening to that music? Check out the album art for your favorite bands, and note whether it’s modern and colorful, or has a darker, rock and roll vibe.  Use album art to brainstorm ideas for color schemes, or for a boho-hipster look, incorporate vinyl album covers as art pieces.



The Photo Album

Think about where you go to escape the world and busy life. Is it the beach? Mountains? Desert? You can draw inspiration from your favorite destination, and incorporate elements of that particular place in designing spaces in your home. A beach-inspired bathroom, for example, may include a borderless shower and a blue, white and sand-tone color scheme. A bathroom remodel that gets its ques from the mountains might have a granite shower wall, and earth-toned flooring, cabinets and accessories.



The Yard

Those who take pride in their yards do so for a reason—it’s because the plants and layout reflect your personal stylistic choices. Take a look at your yard, and note color, variety, and spacing of the plants. Is your yard overflowing with colorful flowers? Bring some of that into your bathroom remodel! Does your home back to woods or a lake? Incorporate the textures and colors of your outdoors in your bathroom for a unique style that speaks to your own personal aesthetic.



The Garage

Whether you drive a sports car to work, or a minivan to your kids’ various sports, you can think about your car in a way that will help you brainstorm design choices. From the color of the exterior to the bells and whistles inside, give your ride-of-the moment some thought. Or think about your dream car: Is it a luxurious sedan, a big, safe SUV, or a little red sports car? These will help you determine whether you get enjoyment from the latest products, or prefer sturdy, practical accessories.


The Hobbies

Someone who enjoys camping trips and long hikes will likely have different stylistic choices than someone who prefers first-class and a five-star hotel. If you find yourself somewhere in the middle, pull from a variety of your hobbies and interests. You may prefer a shower to a shower/tub combo, or an oversized vanity and linen closet to a simple medicine cabinet. Maybe you love those little extras: warm towels out of the shower, or a heated floor, perhaps. Techies might love the latest gadgets and accessories, like no-touch faucets and soap dispensers. Love antiquing? Incorporate an antique mirror or turn an old piece of furniture into a vanity in your new space!


The Family

Our families have quite an impact on our design choices at home. And rightly so! The people in your home have their own desires to be considered. Look to the needs of those you love most and remember to incorporate those elements into your aesthetic. Safety doesn’t have to mean void of style! Elderly family members and those with different abilities might benefit from a safety bar, shower seat or even a walk-in tub. [check out our universal design solutions]


With so many design choices and style options, it can be hard to figure out your personal preferences. Before you go with what someone else tells you to do on TV or in a magazine, consider these avenues for inspiration—things important in your life and in your home. At Re-Bath, we’ll guide you through the design process and then bring your personal style to life in your new bathroom. Call us today at 1-844-9-REBATH or visit our website to learn more.