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Bathroom Remodeler in San Antonio, TX

Whether you want a fresh, modern update to your bathroom, better functionality with a well-designed layout, or increased safety features; the team in San Antonio can give you a space tailored to both your preferences and budget.

You'll enjoy a great product selection that includes exclusive and proprietary materials, including low-maintenance, visually appealing grout-less natural stone. With the exception of custom glass and major electrical work, our team of experts handles everything involved with each remodel, so there's no subcontracting. Our bathroom design options include:

  • Complete bathroom remodels
  • Shower and tub updates
  • Tub-to-Shower Conversions
  • Aging and accessibility solutions

A Trusted Team 

Since 2006, owners David Driskill and Jason Hicks have completed thousands of bathroom remodels in San Antonio.  Their team of licensed/insured installers, and master plumbers are skilled to handle every aspect of your project, including:

  • Tubs and Showers
  • Shower Doors
  • Vanities
  • Sinks & Toilets
  • Lights
  • Floors

Design – Remove – Replace

Re-Bath’s one-stop solution covers the entire process—from design to done—in three easy steps.

Step 1:  Design Consultation - During your FREE in-home design consultation, one of our expert consultants will listen carefully to your needs and wants, then view and measure your space and share ideas for transforming your bathroom into the perfect space for you.  Our consultants come ready with a wide variety of product options, eliminating the need for you to drive all over town selecting products.  With our one-price model, the price that is quoted is what you'll pay.

Step 2: Demolition & Installation - Once you’ve chosen your products, our clean and courteous crew will arrive on time with all the necessary supplies and products to prepare your home, and carefully remove your old bathroom. We handle all the necessary repairs and refreshes for installation. From plumbing and electrical, to the meticulous installation of your new materials and fixtures, we’ll be in and out in a matter of days, leaving your bathroom neat and clean when finished.

Step 3:  On Going Support - We realize that following up after the job is done is just as important as getting it done right the first time, so we proudly have an aftercare program that will offer you ongoing support once your remodel is complete.  While many of our products come with a lifetime warranty, rest assured that we are here to serve you and make sure that your job is not finished until you are satisfied.


A new bathroom adds comfort, style and value to your home. But often times, what starts out as an exciting project turns into a headache with unreliable contractors, constantly changing time lines, and unexpected costs. We look forward to exceeding your expectations every step of the way. From consultation to installation, Re-Bath makes every bathroom remodel effortless and stress-free.

Contact us today to schedule your free in-home consultation.

Meet Our Team
Jose  Vasquez
Jose Vasquez,
Design Consultant
Jose has been a team member with Re-Bath of San Antonio for close to 3 years now. Born in Victoria, Texas, Jose studied Marketing at UTSA. Jose spent nearly a decade working with HEB doing various jobs within the company. Knowing the strong foundation that HEB provides, Jose has shown dedication, determination and drive during his time at Re-Bath. Due to his cheerful nature and his amusingly humorous personality, Jose is a favorite among many departments. His thoughtfulness is often witnessed in his one-on-one relationships with each employee. Whether it's a gift card to say Thank You or a simple hug for a coworker who's had an unfortunate family experience, his kind gestures come at just right time. Even just announcing his presence makes everyone laugh. Not too many people shout that they are in the office. Jose's got that down. With two wonderful daughters, Jose stays busy enjoying his family and friends along with hitting the gym and enjoying his guilty pleasure, Sonic Drive In. (You didn't read that here, by the way. If you mention it, we will deny it.)
John  Blanks
John Blanks,
Design Consultant
Born and raised in San Antonio, John has proudly been with Re-Bath of San Antonio for 5 years! With 10 years of Customer Service, John has had his fair share of experience with making sure the job is done right. John promotes a great experience by listening to what a customer wants for their remodeling project. John has a work ethic that helps provide a customer with direct answers, guidance, understanding, and above all, a positive experience. When John isn't working, he has his hands full with two amazing boys. Ages 5 and 6 months, John and his wife, Ana, love living their lives in blue and they are darn good at it, too! If John does get some free time, catch him on the golf course. Once winning a "closest to the pin" shot, John was knocked out by a cheating, fellow golfer who switched the distance when no one was looking. Being a good sport, we all knew who really won that contest and we will remind John for the rest of his life. You won that contest, John! We ALL know it! In all seriousness, John is a phenomenal golfer and a great sport. He's a "birdie" for Re-Bath.
Tony  Parker
Tony Parker,
Design Consultant
You may question which Tony Parker we have on staff, but we assure you that it's not the point guard who was once married to Eva Longoria. It's OUR Tony Parker and if it gets confusing, he said to call him "T-Pain". Don't let the nickname fool you though, TP is a Re-Bath favorite. Known for his quiet nature, his calm tone of voice and his very sweet smile, Tony has been a huge help to a good portion of customers here in San Antonio. With years in this business, Tony's personality and design knowledge help to provide a positive experience for your remodeling project. Tony will always take the time to answer each and every question until a firm solution is found for your remodeling needs. He's committed to making sure you get what you want and are happy with your project. Tony also works for his two favorite ladies, Michelle and their curly haired cutie, Londyn. Much like Tony, Londyn is easy to get to know and very sweet with the hugs. When Tony's not "working out with", and by that we mean watching, The Spurs, he's taking Londyn to The Zoo, traveling with Michelle or volunteering to help the homeless. Yep, he's a pretty good guy.
Kha Le
Kha Le,
Design Consultant
Kha is far from home, but he's got the personality of a Texan! Makes sense since he hails from Sunny California and The University of Hawaii. Kha is completely a glass half-full man and will always give you the silver lining in any situation. That's what makes him such a great representative of Re-Bath. Every customer can feel confident that Kha has their best interest in mind. With Kha, his biggest strength is connecting with his customers. He has a knack for knowing exactly what a customer wants just before they ask for it. Kha will always think outside of the box and when you start a remodeling project, you want every possible outcome that Kha can think of for your bathroom. If it's possible, Kha will figure it out. In addition to design, Kha is a mover and a shaker. He's always planning a trip to a gorgeous destination with his beautiful fiance or to meet his family. Kha comes from very big family and misses them each and every day!
Priscilla  Owensby
Priscilla Owensby,
Design Consultant
Priscilla is in her 7th year with Re-Bath of San Antonio. She is a "jack of all trades" with experience all throughout our organization. She started in our warehouse with products and answering phones, working her way to our Design Center and now she's in homes designing dream bathrooms with our customers! Priscilla has a deep-rooted love for this company and for all of the customers that she comes in contact with during a consultation. She firmly believes in meeting all needs for all customers. Whether it's style, design, safety or updating, Priscilla insists helping in any capacity that she can. With an incredible smile and a very contagious laugh, Priscilla is a customer favorite! Priscilla and her husband, Shaman, recently welcomed a sweet baby girl into their lives. Giving birth to Presley has been a huge blessing to both! Plus, she is ADORABLE!
Ashtyn King
Ashtyn King ,
Design Consultant
Ashtyn was born and raised in Re-Bath of San Antonio, honestly! She started answering phones in High School and continued working with our company throughout college at Sam Houston State University. After receiving her Bachelor's in Psychology, Ashtyn took some time in her degree field and returned to Re-Bath to design bathrooms, but more importantly to do what she does best. Incredibly bashful, Ashtyn is a true servant in every form. She believes that we get called into homes to serve each customer by giving them the most enjoyable remodeling experience and peace of mind. With her experience, Ashtyn puts her heart and soul into each project. Ashtyn is new Mommy too! She gave birth to Charlotte in August of 2017! Charlotte is the best dressed baby in New Braunfels. We think she takes after her Daddy, Bryson. Minus the bows, no bows for Bryson.
Shower Shelf
Shower Shelf
Beautiful Step In Tub
Beautiful Step In Tub
back splash with natural stone walls
back splash with natural stone walls
cabinetry and lighting
cabinetry and lighting
teak wood folding bench
teak wood folding bench
custom shower glass enclosure
custom shower glass enclosure
shower shelves
shower shelves
new tub and shower in tahoe granite
new tub and shower in tahoe granite
new tub and shower
new tub and shower
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