Eight Ways to Get Your Bathroom Guest-Ready for the Holidays

Ready or not, the holidays have arrived. If you’ll be entertaining guests—whether for dinner or for a week-long visit—you’re no doubt working hard to make your home feel warm and welcoming: washing linens, eradicating dust bunnies, and maybe even cleaning the leftovers (read: science experiments) out of the fridge.


“Clean guest bathroom” is likely on that to-do list already. But to earn your Holiday Hostess with the Mostest award, you’ll want to go beyond scrubbing the toilet and wiping the toothpaste off the mirror.


Here’s how to make your bathroom truly guest-ready for the holidays:


  1. Check the Toilet Area

There are few things more embarrassing than having a toilet “issue” at someone else’s home, so try to avoid putting your guests in that situation:

  • Make sure the toilet flush valve and chain are in good working condition.
  • If your plumbing is particular, leave your guests a helpful note: “Please hold down handle for 10 seconds.”
  • Place a (clean!) plunger near the toilet.
  • Stock plenty of extra toilet paper in plain view.
  • Leave a can of air freshener nearby.
  1. Clear the Clutter

If your guests will be staying overnight, help them feel more at home by clearing some clutter:

  • Stash your collection of miscellaneous cleaners and lotions.
  • Pitch those mostly empty bottles of shampoo and conditioner currently taking up space in the shower.
  • Tidy up the linen closet, so it’s obvious which towels your guests should use.
  • If your guests include children, be sure to put medications out of reach.


  1. Offer Some Amenities

It’s thoughtful to clear away bathroom clutter, but don’t go overboard. Make sure the soap dispenser is full, and leave a fresh hand towel on the rack—and not an overly fancy one that no one’s sure they’re allowed to use. Better yet, leave a basket of disposal towels on the vanity. (Hand towels get a bit soggy during holiday parties!) Also, provide a basket of items your overnight guests may have forgotten to pack:

  • razor and shaving cream
  • toothbrush and toothpaste
  • mini-bottles of shampoo and conditioner
  • body soap (in a bottle, not a bar)
  • feminine hygiene products


  1. Brighten Up Your Space

Updating your bathroom lighting is a quick and inexpensive way to make your bathroom guest-ready for the holidays. Simply swapping out your light bulbs can make a difference. Look for 2700-3000K bulbs with a Color Rendering Index (CRI) of at least 80.


  1. Take a Deep Breath

A good cleaning will usually take care of bathroom odors. But if you’ve already scrubbed and shined and there’s still a mystery smell, send your bath rugs and fabric shower curtain for a spin in the washing machine.


  1. Treat Your Drains

Slow drains are inconvenient for guests, so take a few minutes for some preventive maintenance. To treat your sink and tub/shower drains:

  • Pour ½ cup of baking soda into the drain, followed by ½ cup of vinegar.
  • Cover the drain opening, and allow the mixture to soak for 20 minutes.
  • Rinse with hot water.


  1. Think About Safety

If you’ll have senior adults as overnight guests, consider adding a grab bar to your shower to help prevent slips and falls.


  1. Do Some Remodeling

If you’ve been thinking about a partial or complete bathroom remodel, the holidays are a perfect excuse to make that happen. Update your shower with a beautiful stone surround, choose stylish cabinets and countertops, upgrade your faucets and showerhead, and/or replace your flooring with beautiful, durable tile.


Re-Bath’s one-stop solution for remodels gives you the style you want within the budget you need—in just a few days. Schedule your free in-home design and estimate now and you could have a new bathroom before the guests arrive!