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Designing a Bathroom the Whole Family Will Love

Remodeling a family bathroom takes a bit of planning, a dose of patience, and some creative brainstorming. While it’s true that you can’t please all of the people all of the time, with a little thought and some understanding, you can create a space that works for family members of every age and ability. Here are some insights into what your family members might like to see.


For Him

If you think that women are the ones with all the grooming and beauty products, think again! The global male grooming and toiletry markets are booming. Together, they’re predicted to reach $84.6 billion by 2020. That means guys need storage and countertop space, too. They want a dedicated space for their stuff (read: they don’t want to sift through make-up containers and tampon packages to find a razor). They like to be considered: installing a taller vanity, showerhead and robe hook might seem inconsequential, but are welcome luxuries for men, especially those who fall on the taller end of the spectrum and are forced to “crouch” in the shower, or hang a robe that drags on the ground.

According to research, men also enjoy technology. In the bathroom, that might mean installing a steam shower, a TV or a Bluetooth audio system.


For Her

According to research, woman own an average of 437 personal bathroom items. That’s about 50 times for than man. It stands to reason, then, that women want more storage space in the bathroom. And because they also tend to spend more time in the space applying things like makeup and, moisturizer, lighting is an important consideration. Natural lighting is ideal, but aside from windows and skylights, a variety of lighting options can make a big difference.

To be fair, there isn’t always a clear gender gap in what men and women want in their bathrooms. In fact, when it comes to the amount of time spent in the bathroom, the majority (52%) of both men and women say that they spend between 10 and 30 getting ready each day.


For Teens

Hair gel, make up, curling irons, straighteners, perfume, body spray… kids aged 13 – 18 need storage. Lots of it. They also want to make their own decisions, so allowing them to pick out things like shower curtains, towels, washcloths, soap, and other necessities can give them a sense of control. And because teens love technology as much as any other demographic (maybe more!), adding tech touches such as Bluetooth speakers are a welcome addition to the bathroom.


For Siblings

Brothers and sisters love each other, but they sure don’t always act like it. Part of the problem is that sharing can be tough. Keep the peace in the bathroom by providing each child in your family with his or her own space, whether that’s a shelf in the linen closet or a drawer in the vanity. Color coding accessories can help keep the arguments to a minimum, too. Assign each child with their own color, and make sure everything they use, from towels to toothbrushes is color coded just for them.


For Toddlers

Toddlers are fun, aren’t they? One minute they’re begging for help, the next they’re insisting on doing something themselves. Parents can boost toddlers’ confidence by giving them a little autonomy. Incorporate a step stool into the vanity, or keep one in the linen closet or next to the sink so that they can safely reach light switches and faucets all by themselves. Hang artwork, towel bars and robe hooks at toddler height so that they feel like the bathroom is just for them. Don’t forget these little fish love to splash and play, so keep your bathroom for getting soaked by installing waterproof wall surrounds. And keep your toddlers safe by storing medicine in lockable medicine cabinets out of arm’s reach.


For Infants

The youngest family members need safety above all else. Install locks on everything from the toilet seat to the vanity cabinets and never leave an infant unattended, even for a second [Read: 47 quick bathroom safety tips!]. Use bright colors to engage their senses and plenty of storage for all those bath toys.


For Seniors

According to AARP, nearly 79 million adults (roughly 32% of the adult population), live in a “shared household,” meaning one in which two or more adults not intimately attached live in the same home. About half of these are adult children moving back home after college while the other half are seniors who move in with an adult child and his or her family. These seniors have special needs when it comes to bathrooms. Accessories that can increase the safety of the bathroom, such as grab bars and shower seats can help to decrease bathroom injuries. Good lighting, low threshold showers and no-slip surfaces are also smart remodeling upgrades for this demographic.

Want to create a bathroom that works for every member of your family? Schedule a Design Consultation now and learn how easy it is to get everyone the bathroom of their dreams.