Designed to Sell: 5 Bathroom Updates Buyers Want

While the coronavirus has home owners everywhere hitting the pause button, many homes are on the market now, and buyers continue to view homes, largely via virtual tours. If you’re in the process of selling your home or were considering listing your house until the pandemic hit, there is hope. Now is the time to focus on your home’s marketability and make updates that will wow potential buyers and make your property stand out.

Highest on buyers’ lists? Updated bathrooms.

“On a scale of 1-10, I’d give it an 8-10,” says Tom Basler, President & Realtor™ at Krause Basler Network in St. Louis, Mo. According to HGTV, a minor bathroom remodel has an average ROI of 102%. It’s safe to say that updating your home’s bathrooms is a smart move that may help your home sell faster.


Bathroom Update #1: Fix What’s Broken

First and foremost, address anything in your bathroom that’s broken or visibly deteriorating. Replace a cracked bathtub, apply a fresh coat of paint to chipped walls, fix a toilet that runs intermittently, and eliminate anything that could concern a potential homebuyer or cause them to question your home’s integrity. Once you’ve got the major fixtures working properly and looking their best, you can think about updating the design.


Bathroom Update #2: Think Timeless

Paint is probably the fastest, least expensive thing you can do to improve the look of any space. Homebuyers look for clean, neutral décor. While neutral walls can make your bathroom appear larger, certain shades no longer have the same appeal.

“Grey tones are definitely the ‘in’ color,” Basler says. He advises homeowners against choosing a traditional tan or beige, as these are seen as dated.  When it comes to other surfaces, go for timeless or trendy. Subway tile has mass appeal, as do wood tones such as walnut and birch. The metal of the moment – copper – is both timeless and trendy and can fit a wide range of styles. Bonus: it eliminates bacteria and viruses on contact.


Bathroom Update #3: Maximize Storage

Storage space is an important consideration for home buyers. Now is a great time to clean out and organize cabinets, drawers and linen closets. If lack of storage space remains an issue, consider upgrading to a larger vanity to improve both the storage capacity and functionality of your bathroom. If you’re limited by square footage, consider creative solutions such as shelving, baskets, hooks, and wall racks. Find more tips for clearing the clutter here.


Bathroom Update #4: Go Green

According to one sustainability survey, 80% of homebuyers say that the energy efficiency of a home has moderate to high impact on their purchase decision. Smart toilets, low-flow fixtures, and energy-saving materials like natural stone make your bathroom considerably “greener” and provide a unique selling point that you can highlight to potential buyers. Savvy shoppers may also ask about insulation, so if your bathroom has a window, make sure it’s properly sealed to avoid drafts and heat loss.


Bathroom Update #5: Appeal to a Wider Demographic

Aging in place is an ever-growing trend but adding traditional features such as after-market bath seats and medical-grade grab bars can look unsightly. The good news is that safety and accessibility accessories have improved dramatically in the last few years.

Roll-in showers, tub-to-shower conversions, and adult-height vanities are becoming popular among seniors, according to Basler. He also recommends considering the flooring in your bathroom. Engineered wood, laminate, and high-end vinyl are softer than real wood or ceramic and more forgiving on the back and knees. Bonus: They’re highly durable and water resistant, too, which is perfect for a room that gets as much use as the bathroom.

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