Remodeling for the Coming Holiday Season

holiday remodel

Remember last year when you desperately wanted to remodel your bathroom but by the time you started thinking about really starting the project, your in-laws were on the door step, overnight bag and fruit cake in hand? This year, why not plan ahead so that when the time comes, you’ll have a beautiful, remodeled bathroom … Continued

47 Quick Bathroom Safety Tips

Store cords away from water sources. Install slip resistant flooring. Update wiring in very old homes/bathrooms. Install child-proof tub and sink knobs. Keep your home’s water temp at or below 120 degrees fahrenheit. Cap electrical outlets with safety covers. Avoid using space heaters or extension cords in the bathroom. Lock up cleaning supplies, prescriptions and … Continued

6 Steps to a Kid-friendly Bathroom

Kid-friendly bathrooms

The majority of households don’t have a bathroom for each child, so most siblings are made to share. Follow these steps to design a kid-friendly bathroom that helps their mornings – and yours – go smoother. Step 1: Design for size, but with an eye toward the future You don’t want to have to redesign … Continued

Re-Bath Launches First-Ever Corporate Owned Location in Baton Rouge, Louisiana


Phoenix, Ariz. – Re-Bath, the nation’s largest complete bathroom remodeling company,will open its first corporate owned location in Baton Rouge, Louisiana this summer. Since opening its first franchised location in 1991, Re-Bath has shown consistent growth, now with nearly 100 locations in 43 states. The one-stop shop remodeler invests in its first corporate location, aimed … Continued

How to Achieve Maximum Style and Durability

From faucets and fixtures to tubs, showers and vanities, there are dozens of decisions to be made. One of the most important is the material that protects your floors and walls from moisture. Is tile truly the best option, or does another material make more sense? You want something that is as durable as it … Continued

HELOCs and Tax Write-Offs: The Latest News

Here’s a timeline of how it breaks down: 1913: The U.S. government creates income tax, allowing Americans to deduct interest from almost any loan, including credit cards, student debt, and car payments, citing that interest payments were “an expense of earning business and investment income.” 1986: The Tax Reform Act is passed, reducing the deductibility … Continued

8 Clever Ways to Increase Your Bathroom’s Functionality

But, there is more opportunity to maximize your bathroom’s functionality than you might expect. Sure, throwing some cubbies under the counter and buying a drawer divider helps organize the space, but trust us when we say there is yet-untapped potential to for your bathroom to serve your family’s needs even better. So, how do you … Continued