8 Clever Ways to Increase Your Bathroom’s Functionality

But, there is more opportunity to maximize your bathroom’s functionality than you might expect. Sure, throwing some cubbies under the counter and buying a drawer divider helps organize the space, but trust us when we say there is yet-untapped potential to for your bathroom to serve your family’s needs even better. So, how do you … Continued

17 Tips for Creating a Luxury Spa at Home

It’s no wonder then, that recreating an atmosphere of ultimate relaxation is a growing trend among homeowners. If a home spa sounds too good to be true, you’re in luck. We’ve taken inspiration from some of the world’s greatest spas to assemble this list of 17 practical, actionable ideas for turning your bathroom into a … Continued

3 Hot Trends in Bathroom Tech for the New Year

bathroom tech trends

Trend #1: Advanced materials & manufacturing Advancements in stone, wood, and wood-like materials mean bathrooms are not only more aesthetically pleasing than ever, but are easier to maintain. And bathroom goods manufacturers are developing new, greener production methods, in response to the growing popularity of eco-friendly homes. Beautiful stone wall surrounds are trending fast this … Continued

Types of Bathroom Chandeliers

Chandeliers were originally invented in the 15th century as a status symbol of luxury. Today, chandeliers come in many sizes, shapes, and styles, and though they are much more affordable than six hundred years ago, chandeliers continue to represent quality and luxury. When selecting a chandelier for your bathroom, in addition to these chandelier bathroom safety … Continued

Bathroom Chandelier Guidelines

Bathroom Chandelier Placement Code requires that the bottom of a chandelier (including dangling crystals) be at least eight feet above the highest point of the bathtub. This safety zone includes three feet surrounding the rim to ensure that there is no risk of a person accidentally grabbing the light fixture while standing in a wet … Continued