Complete Remodel

Complete Remodel

Ready to embark on a complete bathroom remodel? This content has you covered with answers to all your questions about bathroom renovations. Learn the benefits of working with a design consultant, what you should know before deciding to DIY, the questions to ask before hiring a bathroom remodeling company, and more.

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8 Bathroom Design Tips from the Pros

The bathroom might be the smallest room in your home, but when it comes to remodeling, the related decisions can feel overwhelmingly big. From floor to ceiling, toilet to tub, and everything in between, bathroom…

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The Great Bathroom Conundrum: Practicality vs. Luxury

A single day without a working bathroom is all it would take for most of us to realize how important they are. Bathrooms are an absolute necessity in every home, but each household has their…

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5 Ways to Take the Headache out of Bathroom Remodeling

It’s finally time. After years of saving, dreaming, and planning, you’re ready to build your perfect bathroom. While you get lost in the fantasies of the new lighting, upgraded shower, and gorgeous flooring that you’ll…

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For the Love of Tranquility: 5 Tips for Creating Calm

Our lives (even during a pandemic) never seem to slow down. Between work, chores, exercise, hobbies, and keeping up with friends and family, there never seems to be enough time to take a breath and…

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Relationship Rescue: Solutions for 5 Common Couple Complaints

You can be in love with your partner and … not so in love with their habits. When you share a bathroom, your partner’s little quirks that you once found adorable can quickly become extreme…

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2022 Color Trends: 4 Moods Inspired by Nature

After two particularly difficult years, 2022 interior design trends are reflecting our need for peace and new beginnings. The top colors for the new year from brands like Sherwin-Williams and Benjamin Moore speak to our…

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HELOCs and Tax Write-Offs in a Post-Pandemic World

If you’re considering taking out a Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC)for remodeling, now may be the time to do it. The economy is steadily recovering after the COVID-19 pandemic, and interest rates have hit…

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Design Style In-Depth: Top 3 Flooring Options for Your Bathroom Remodel

Your floors may be something you walk all over, but they do have the power to transform a space. Even if you love everything else about a room, an unappealing floor can cause otherwise delightful…

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7 Signs Your Bathroom is Frighteningly Out of Date

Your bathroom sees it all, does it all, and takes a lot of abuse. Over time, it’s normal for the constant exposure to water and humidity to wear it down. Unfortunately, it’s also normal for…

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