6 Steps to a Kid-friendly Bathroom

Kid-friendly bathrooms

The majority of households don’t have a bathroom for each child, so most siblings are made to share. Follow these steps to design a kid-friendly bathroom that helps their mornings – and yours – go smoother. Step 1: Design for size, but with an eye toward the future You don’t want to have to redesign … Continued

8 Clever Ways to Increase Your Bathroom’s Functionality

But, there is more opportunity to maximize your bathroom’s functionality than you might expect. Sure, throwing some cubbies under the counter and buying a drawer divider helps organize the space, but trust us when we say there is yet-untapped potential to for your bathroom to serve your family’s needs even better. So, how do you … Continued

6 Ways to Avoid Sibling Rivalry in the Bathroom


The “fun” of learning to share multiplies when siblings are involved. Suddenly, there are shouting matches over remote controls, who gets to ride shotgun, and whose turn it is to feed the new goldfish. And then there’s the bathroom: “Daaaaaaaaad. John’s been in the bathroom for six whole yeeaarrrrrs, and I need to do my … Continued