Explore Bathtub and Shower Remodel Ideas

Renovating a bathroom requires so many tiny details. What color do I want the finishings to be? What tile shape should I choose? Should I just do a shower conversion to save time? But what kind of shower would I want? Should I abandon the project altogether and settle for my nightmare bathroom? Hold on, take a breath.

Considering the time, effort, and funds that go into a bathroom upgrade, it makes sense that you’d want every detail to be perfect. But creating your dream bathroom doesn’t need to be overwhelming. If you’re considering a bathroom remodel, start your project by concentrating on the focal point for many bathrooms: the bathtub and shower. Here are the top tub and shower trends to help you get started.

Trend 1: Oversized, Statement Shower

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Though a full bathroom typically includes a bathtub and a shower, some people are more drawn to a shower than a tub. A statement shower can have all of the artistry and visual appeal of a free-standing bathtub, but it also has some unique benefits. Large showers are able to accommodate accessibility needs as you age. Adding a bar for stability, a slip-resistant bench, and additional traction to the flooring are all easy updates to make when necessary, and these updates cost a fraction of the price of building an entirely new shower. If you don’t find yourself taking baths very often but still want a large focal point in your bathroom, consider investing in a statement shower.

Looking for more design ideas? Read our recent blog post to get inspiration for paint color and moods that are on trend for 2022.

Trend 2: Double Shower Heads

shower remodel with dual shower heads
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Having two showerheads in your shower will take your relaxation to new heights. Dual showerheads keep your entire shower steamy and warm, almost like a sauna in your own home. Dual showerheads are also great for taller individuals, helping them avoid bending over and spinning to fully rinse the shampoo out of their hair. Handheld attachments to these showerheads make cleaning off feet and legs much easier, assuring that you won’t lose balance. Dual showerheads provide all individuals with the same luxurious experience, regardless of their height.

Bonus tip: Want ultimate climate control and luxury? Consider investing in a steam shower. Steam showers produce humidifying steam that is evenly dispersed over your body, keeping the shower at a consistent temperature. Steam showers also clear nasal and chest congestion, promote healthy skin, improve circulation, and relax muscles. Learn more about steam showers and see if this could be the right addition to your bathroom.

Trend 3: Deck (or Drop-In) Bathtub

deck or drop in bathtub

While this is traditionally a more vintage style, deck bathtubs are making a comeback. Deck tubs have a platform around the tub insert, sometimes with a few stairs leading into the tub. You’ll often see this style used for jacuzzi tubs. What makes deck tubs truly unique is their ability to blend in, or stand out, as you see fit. You can match the deck to the floor tiles to create a cohesive design, or if you are looking for something bold, you can choose a special type of tile or stone finish that makes the deck around the tub really pop. Take a look at these deck tubs to get some ideas and see if this style is right for you!

Trend 4: Free-Standing Soaking Tub

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The rise of the free-standing soaking tub proves that we all need to invest in a little more relaxation. Free-standing soaking tubs can be the star of any bathroom. They come in a variety of styles and can add a refined finish to traditional, contemporary, and transitional bathrooms. Soaking tubs also allow for flexibility in your renovation. They can be placed anywhere, as long as the proper water hookups are installed, giving you more room to play with your design and maximize your usable space.

Even better? The depth of free-standing tubs gives you plenty of room to soak for hours—well, at least until the water gets cold. Indulge in this spa-like comfort and give yourself the space to relax your mind and your muscles.

Trend 5: Wet Room

A modern bathroom features a bathtub with gold fixtures, a glass-enclosed shower, a dark vanity, and light blue tiled walls and floor.

For those who can’t decide between a statement tub or shower…why not both? If you have the space, wet rooms provide the best of both options. Show off your style with a luxury tub, a shower, and whatever tile or stone finishes you desire for the walls and floor. With fewer nooks and crannies and no shower curtain, wet rooms are also easier to clean. If that’s not enough to convince you, consider this: a wet room can realize an investment return of 56-70% when it comes time to sell. Install a wet room to treat yourself now and treat yourself later!

Build Your Work of Art with Re-Bath

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