Find the Best Toilet For Your Bathroom

The average toilet has a lifespan of around 10-15 years—and possibly longer with regular maintenance. Are you wondering if yours has seen better days? Here are some tips for picking the best toilet for your bathroom.:

Types of Toilets

Before we explore the many styles of toilets available on the market, let’s break down the basics of toilet construction to help you choose the best option for your bathroom configuration.

One-Piece Toilet

With a one-piece toilet, the tank and bowl are integrated into a single unit. This reduces the overall size of the toilet and removes the area of the toilet that is prone to leaking. On the flip side, one-piece toilets are more challenging to install and can be pricier than other types of toilets.

Two-Piece Toilet

Most homes come with standard two-piece toilets. These toilets are comprised of a toilet tank and a toilet bowl. The tank sits on top of the bowl and both pieces are secured with bolts. Two-piece toilets are easier to install and generally cost less than one-piece models. Also, if a crack develops on either piece, it can be replaced without having to install a new toilet.

Wall-Mounted Toilet

If you’re looking for a modern toilet with a clean design, consider a wall-mounted toilet. These models are attached directly to the wall, so the tank is not visible. They can be tankless or have the tank mounted behind the wall. Some models sit on the floor, while others are installed a few inches off the ground for a truly striking design. Wall-mounted toilets are among the most expensive options and may require professional installation.

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Features to Consider When Shopping for a Toilet

There is a lot more to choosing the right toilet than you might imagine. Use this simple checklist to narrow down your choices and find the perfect toilet for your bathroom remodel.


Yes, toilets are available in different colors. But before you splurge on a non-traditional toilet color, consider how trends and tastes change. A well-designed and maintained toilet can last upwards of several decades. Is that jade-green toilet going to be as appealing in 20 years?

Consider the resale factor when choosing a toilet as well. Buyers may not share your unique style. Even if they do, toilets in various colors are more difficult to replace. We say explore your creativity with paint, tile, and accessories—and when it comes to your toilet, opt for classic white or elegant off-white for your throne.

Toilet Flapper

The flapper is the part of the toilet that seals the opening between the tank and the toilet bowl. When the toilet is flushed, a rubber ball or flapper rises to allow water to rush into the bowl. There are three types of flappers for toilets: seat disks, tank ball, and rubber flappers. If the wrong size or type flapper is installed, your toilet is more likely to leak water or have a weak flush. When replacing a flapper, bring the old one to the home improvement store to make sure you’re buying the right type.

Water Usage

Federal law requires that new toilets cannot use more than 1.6 gallons of water per flush. High-efficiency toilets use even less water. Look for the EPA WaterSense label for water-saving toilets that offer powerful flushing and good water efficiency. In fact, WaterSense toilets use approximately 20 percent less water than standard 1.6-gallon models.

Flush Method

Most toilets are single-flush. They empty the entire tank to flush the contents of the bowl down the drain. But dual-flush toilets are becoming more popular because they save more water. With dual-flush toilets, one button is used to flush liquid waste, and the other is used to flush solid waste. Both use weight of the water to create flushing pressure and are considered gravity-flush toilets.

Pressure-assisted toilets have a special mechanism inside the tank that creates a more forceful  flush than standard, gravity-flush toilets. These toilets are less likely to clog and use less water per flush. Re-Bath design experts can help you choose a single- or dual-flush toilet that uses up to 20 percent less water.

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A toilet that is too low or too high can be uncomfortable. Most toilets come in either standard or comfort height. Height is measured from the top of the rim to the floor. Standard-height toilets are 14-15 inches from the floor and are best for children and shorter individuals.

Comfort height (also known as chair height or tall height) are generally 17 inches from the floor or more. They are easier to sit on and get up from, especially for seniors, people with mobility challenges, and taller individuals. Re-Bath chair-height toilet seats are one of the many convenient aging and accessibility updates we offer to help seniors age in place.

Toilet Bowl Shape

It’s important to choose a toilet bowl shape that fits well within your space. Elongated toilet bowls are larger and tend to be more comfortable than round toilet bowls. However, because round toilet bowls are closer to the wall than elongated models, they tend to work better for small bathrooms.

Smart Toilet Technology

Would you have ever imagined a high-tech toilet? Japanese toilet seats are designed with smart technology, allowing the user to interact with them via remote control access. Common in Japan, these smart toilets offer a wide range of features including: air-drying, spray wash, self-clean, night lights, auto deodorizing, and energy-efficiency.

Toilet Seat

Seats are available to fit both elongated and round toilets. Measure your toilet to find the right seat for your model. Today’s toilet seats are more innovative than ever. You can find various types of toilet seats that heat up, light up, release for easy cleaning, and close gently instead of slamming shut—perfect for those late night trips to the restroom.

You can also choose a bidet toilet seat that drains water from the toilet’s supply line and utilizes electricity to project a stream of water at the push of the button. A toilet with a built in bidet not only improves hygiene, but also reduces toilet paper waste.

Did you know there are so many features to choose from when buying a toilet? Schedule a free consultation with a Re-Bath design professional to measure your space and explore your options. Call 800-216-8526 or schedule a free consultation online.