A single day without a working bathroom is all it would take for most of us to realize how important they are. Bathrooms are an absolute necessity in every home, but each household has their own preferences when it comes to a bathroom’s look and feel. There are tons of people who appreciate nothing more than a well laid-out, practical bathroom. These “in-and-out” users are happiest with a no-frills bathroom that prioritizes functionality over everything else, allowing them to go through their routines briskly and get on with their days.

Then again, there are many others who see the bathroom as a mini oasis in their homes. These “stay-and-pamper” types appreciate a luxury bathroom that evokes a calming atmosphere to deliver feeling in addition to function, so they have a dedicated space for self-care and reflection.

There are also some people who simply appreciate a good tub. We salute them, too.

Most of us probably have a blended appreciation of practicality and luxury. But when it comes to your bathroom remodel, it helps to consider who is going to use which bathroom. Guests, children, seniors, and even pets have their own needs when it comes to bathroom practicality and pampering. If you’re thinking about a bathroom remodel, here’s an overview of some of the latest practical and luxury bathroom upgrades that you can make to any bathroom in your home for any kind of bathroom user.

The Master Bathroom

A good master bathroom will invigorate the start of your day and relax you before bed. Master bathrooms typically have it all, so there’s no end to the upgrades you can add to the remodeling project.

The practical master bathroom:

One of the most sensible amenities a master bathroom can have is a walk-in shower. They take up less space than a tub, making it easy to jump in and out quickly. But having a walk-in shower alone doesn’t guarantee speed, especially if your shower’s temperature is finicky. Investigate smart shower technology and look for shower controller systems than can regulate water-usage and temperature, and never wait for the perfect setting again.

LED mirror lighting is another great practical bathroom upgrade. They’re incredibly durable and long lasting, so you won’t have to put up with blown bulbs as often. Plus, LED lighting gives you a much better view of what you’re doing, meaning you won’t have to perform a contortionist routine on the vanity just to get a good look at your pores.

The luxury master bathroom:

If you have the space for it, you can have a shower for the morning rushes and a separate whirlpool tub to soak your cares away after a long day. But why stop there? When it comes to turning your bathroom into a tranquil escape, there’s no better place to splurge than in the master.

If you’re looking for the hottest luxury bathroom remodeling trend, search no further than the open bathroom. This space is designed to be as sleek and obstruction-free as possible. Consider installing a floating vanity that keeps the floor clear and an elevated tub with plenty of room on all sides for plants so you can achieve the ultimate spa-like ambience. To top it off, surround yourself with DuraBath Tahoe Granite wall surround, matte-black fixtures, and lighter wooden touches.

The Kids’ Bathroom

Kids are messy, and if we dare say so, a little clumsy. But they also grow fast and their needs change just as quickly. Adding practical touches to a kid’s bathroom can ease the burden of keeping it tidy. There’s also nothing wrong with speckling in some luxury for the kids, too – so long as it has a noticeably durable quality.

The practical kid’s bathroom:

A sturdy tub/shower combination is a no-brainer for helping kids transition from supervised bath time to their own independent bathing routine. There’s another addition that might sound like a luxury but is, in fact, a very practical bathroom tool for reducing bathroom drama: double vanities. Kids aren’t exactly known for their patience, and sibling rivalry can easily derail a morning schedule or nighttime wind-down. Equipping your kid’s bathroom with a double vanity isn’t spoiling them – it’s saving yourself. Goodbye, elbow jabs!

Another practical bathroom upgrade for growing families is installing a pull-out step into the base of the vanity. This sensible safety upgrade makes it easy for little ones to reach what they need without straining, and it can be stored away once they get tall enough to not need it.

The luxury kid’s bathroom:

Does your kid’s bathroom resemble a waterpark during peak season after their bath-time? You can try to squash your children’s splashing spirit (good luck with that!), or you can go the luxury route and install a glass-enclosed combination tub and shower space. This cutting-edge upgrade lets your kids splash until their heart’s content while keeping other bathroom surfaces dry. Pure genius.

Another little luxury the kids will love is a heated towel bar. Sometimes a fluffy warm towel can be a great enticement for kids who never want bath-time to end!

The Guest Bathroom

Ah, the guest bath. It’s cleaned occasionally and used more by members of your home than by visitors. Before you decide on a style for your guest bathroom, think about your typical house guests. Do they come from out of town and stay awhile or fly in and out in a few days? Are they old college friends? A family with small kids, or elderly grandparents? Take your most frequent visitors’ tastes into account before choosing the practical or the luxury route.

The practical guest bathroom:

Your oldest and youngest guests, as well as those with limited mobility, will appreciate subtle safety elements in the bathroom. Because they aren’t used to moving around your space, the courteous and practical thing is to ensure that the guest bathroom is free of potential hazards for everyone. Low threshold shower bases, slip-resistant technology, and walk-in showers make for easy entry and exit. You should also provide some simple storage above the toilet, making it obvious for guests where they can find essential toiletries. For visitors of advanced years, a shower bench and grab-bars help minimize fall risks and provide added confidence.

The luxury guest bathroom:

If you want your guests to feel pampered under your roof, start with a luxury shower head. Certain shower heads can deliver a massage-like experience, allowing guests to wash away the stress and fatigue of travel. If you really want your visitors to feel like royalty, go for both a fixed and handheld shower head so they can work the tension out of those hard-to-reach muscles.

Pet-friendly Laundry Room

While not technically a bathroom, it’s still a great space to tackle household chores that require a little more elbow room. Practical upgrades to your laundry room include a utility sink for giving the pets a bath or stripping off mud-soaked sports uniforms. Plus, no laundry room is complete without elevated storage space where you can keep cleaning chemicals out of the kids’ reach.

If you’re thinking that there’s no way to make a laundry room luxurious, think again. Wardrobe steaming and sanitizing dressers help keep your favorite garments dust and odor free while also killing bacteria, viruses, and house mites.

At Re-Bath, we appreciate all bathroom users no matter their preferences. Wherever you fall on the “in-and-out” or the “stay-and-pamper” spectrum, we can help with your bathroom remodeling needs. Re-Bath solutions offer the best of both worlds and everything in between so you can remodel any bathroom in your home with the style you want at the budget you need. Schedule a free design consultation with Re-Bath today.