Nature Inspired Interior Design Ideas

By the end of winter, we’re all a bit claustrophobic. After months of stale air, dry skin, and chapped lips, we’re daydreaming about throwing open the windows, sliding screen doors into place, and flipping on ceiling fans to circulate some fresh air. Fortunately, the first day of Spring is just around the corner. But you can invite it into your home year-round with these seven design trends.


Spring Refresh Trend #1: Organic Textures

Seek out materials and textures found in nature. Add a natural fiber rug made from jute, hemp, or seagrass. Swap outdated light fixtures with a wicker or bamboo basket pendant light. Incorporate a wood type that lends itself to your chosen aesthetic; a rustic driftwood complements an eclectic or transitional feel. A sleek mahogany provides a modern touch. Glass works seamlessly to boost visual appeal without taking up visual space. Look for places to prop a tall mirror or swap out wooden shelves for glass. Iron and stone are cool, natural elements that add stability and style.


Spring Refresh Trend #2: Eco-Friendly Flooring

Flooring sourced from nature adds a warm, inviting touch to any room. Real hardwood that’s responsibly sourced, reclaimed, or salvaged is a smart option for high traffic areas such as the living room or dining room. Cork or bamboo are ideal for smaller rooms where heat retention is a major priority, such as a bedroom or bathroom. Cork is especially versatile, as it’s naturally water and mold resistant, fire retardant, and easy on joints.


Spring Refresh Trend #3: Nature-Inspired Colors

Look to the great outdoors when choosing fresh colors for your space. Try an airy shade like coral, sage, or lilac. If you take your inspiration from the beach, choose sea-inspired colors like sandy beiges and watery blues. Consider a lighter backdrop if you want to add bold pops of color, such as berry red or indigo. Wallpaper is having a moment this year, and botanical patterns can give your space a cozy, garden vibe. Don’t be afraid to combine textures and colors! Deep red cotton towels wrapped with a length of twine serve as an elegant design element and add nice dimension to a small bathroom.


Spring Refresh Trend #4: Living Greenery

Much to the delight of green thumbs everywhere, houseplants have made their way back into decorating. But those who could kill a faux tree should take heart: there are plenty of hearty options from which to choose. Experiment with different sizes, shapes, and shades to determine what works best in your space. If the room gets a lot of sunlight, and you don’t mind watering them frequently, look for tropical plants like hibiscus and English ivy (imagine it climbing across an indoor beam!). Cacti and globe terrariums of succulents don’t require as much constant care. If the room gets little to direct sunlight, aloe and eternity plants would work well.  Whether you prefer potted trees or charming succulents, adding a few living, breathing plants to your space is a foolproof method for blurring the line between inside and out.


Spring Refresh Trend #5: Reclaimed Materials

Give a second life to nature-sourced materials by installing a slate backsplash in the kitchen or a natural stone wall surround in the bathroom. Raw/unrefined wood is popular, and gives off a rugged farmhouse vibe that’s perfect if you have a penchant for rustic aesthetics. On a smaller scale, you can also use scavenged items such as rocks, pinecones, sea shells, jars of sand, straw, and dried botanicals to decorate your home.


Spring Refresh Trend #6: Aromatherapy & Healing Sounds

Make your efforts to bring the outdoors in even more realistic by appealing to multiple senses. Aromatherapy diffusers loaded with essential oils such as lavender, tea tree, eucalyptus, lemongrass, and peppermint produce mood-boosting natural fragrances that also cleanse the air inside your home. Modern smart speakers loaded with relaxing sounds like gentle rain, babbling brook, and crackling fire add an extra dimension of nature-inspired serenity.


Spring Refresh Trend #7: Start Small

Pick one room to refresh and go from there. The bathroom is a great place to test a trend before taking it into more public spaces of your home. You can refresh as little or as much as you’d like, whether that’s a fresh paint job, adding a few plants, or installing fixtures that mimic nature, such as a waterfall faucet or rainfall showerhead.


Want to breathe new life into your home? Great, let’s get started! Schedule a free design consultation today – we’ll bring the showroom right to your living room and guide you every step along the way!