Complete Guide to Remodeling Your Primary Bathroom

Remodeling a Primary bathroom is one of the most popular home improvement projects, and for good reason–in addition to creating a room one can enjoy daily, it can also increase your home’s value and appeal.

primary bathroom remodeling ideas are endless, ranging from straightforward remodeling projects to changing the layout and completely renovating the space. Before you start remodeling your Primary bath, here are some fresh ideas to think about when you are doing your planning.

Primary bathroom remodel ideas

Remodeling any bathroom can be a big project, but it is a worthwhile opportunity to address problems, such as a lack of storage space or not enough light, and at the same time, create an elevated environment you will enjoy each day.

  • Primary bathroom layout:

    Changing the layout of your bathroom can enable you to maximize the use of the space and accommodate wish-list changes such as a tricked-out walk-in shower or freestanding soaking tub. When you change the placement of your primary fixtures–the shower, bathtub, toilet and vanity–you can open up all sorts of new possibilities.

  • Modern, efficient bathroom fixtures:

    Remodeling your bathroom is also a chance to select energy-efficient and water-saving fixtures and high-tech options, such as touch-less faucets, a freestanding tub filler, or a ventilation fan with a built-in Bluetooth speaker.

  • Innovative bathroom lighting:

    Lighting is no longer confined to the ceiling or fixtures above the sink mirror. Ambient lighting options, such as lighted shower shelves, backlit mirrors and under-cabinet lighting on the vanity are beautiful options that can transform how the room feels, and at the same time provide safe and subtle nighttime lighting.

  • Shower to tub? Tub to shower?

    Depending on your situation, remodeling the primary bathroom is also an opportunity to make a bath conversion to accommodate family needs, such as a bathtub for bathing small children, or making plans to age in place and creating an accessible bathroom. Choosing a tub-to-shower conversion, for example, can free up space by eliminating a little-used bathtub and replacing it with a spacious (and accessible) walk-in shower. Alternatively, if you need more space to soak, a shower-to-tub conversion may be the perfect answer for your bathroom. Schedule a free consultation with Re-Bath today if you’d like to learn more about our bathroom conversion expertise.

  • Bathroom storage…and more storage:

    If finding places to store extra towels or stash bottles of shampoo, conditioner and soap within the bathing area are persistent frustrations, this is the perfect time to solve those problems. Build recessed niches, shelves or ledges into the shower. Add a double vanity with plenty of drawers or shelving. Look for places to add shelves, and do not forget to think about vertical storage.  High shelves can add to your decor or serve as a place for extra towels.

  • Best bathroom materials and fresh colors:

    Last but not least, remodeling the primary bathroom is an opportunity to replace tired colors and worn bathroom countertops with run of the mill materials. Choose high-quality, durable materials, like quartz or granite, to create a bathroom that will look great for years to come. Bathrooms get a lot of wear and tear and are subject to vigorous cleaning. Ensure the bathroom materials you choose are designed to tolerate wet environments.

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With these basic ideas in mind, you are ready to start planning your primary bathroom remodel. But what if you are remodeling a small primary bathroom, or are looking to ramp up the luxury options?  Continue reading  on as we discuss more ideas on remodeling your primary bathroom, including:

  • How to add touches of luxury to your bathroom
  • Emerging bathroom technology to create a modern and functional space tips for remodeling a small primary bathroom

Bathroom with Italia Marble Sink

Luxury primary bathroom ideas

If there is one place in the home where you can be extra self-indulgent, it is the primary bathroom.  Luxury bathrooms incorporate more creature comforts and high-tech touches, creating a truly spa-like atmosphere. Here are some intriguing ideas for creating an even more luxurious primary bath.

  • Bring the heat! Installing heated floors and towel racks puts an end to chilly toes and adds to your personal comfort when getting out of the bath or shower.
  • Add a fireplace. Want to channel apres-ski vibes or simply turn up the warmth and coziness of your primary bathroom? Adding a fireplace will transform your bath into an inviting retreat that is a pleasure to linger within. Today’s electric and gas fireplace options are available in a range of sizes, making it relatively easy to add a fireplace to your primary bathroom.
  • Create a wet room. A wet room is essentially an open-concept bathroom. Dramatic-looking and easy-to-clean, wet rooms are also extremely accessible for those with mobility issues. The shower area has no tray, and often no door, creating a wide-open feel and with a level floor throughout the bath. Larger wet rooms can also include bathtubs.
  • Do not forget the furnishings: Spacious primary bathrooms can often accommodate furnishings, such as a side table for a free-standing tub or a comfortable chair for relaxing while letting a facial treatment soak in. Creating a mini-sitting area in your bath can provide a design focal point that is incredibly functional as well.
  • Rethink the windows. If you are doing a full, down-to-the-studs remodel, you also have the opportunity to re-think the windows. Installing floor-to-ceiling windows (or enlarging existing ones) can take advantage of a beautiful view and flood the space with natural light.

Modern primary bathroom ideas

If it has been some time since you shopped for bathroom fixtures and accessories, you may be surprised at the array of new high-tech options available today. Smart technologies have been integrated into bathrooms in ways that improve efficiency and enhance your experience. Here are some of the modern ideas for your primary bathroom: 

  • Smart bathroom mirrors include a display screen behind the mirror glass and can be loaded with features such as automatic defogging, automatic and adjustable lighting, and even streaming TV.
  • Smart exhaust fans use sensors to automatically turn fans on and off, ensuring moisture is fully removed from the air, but guarding against unnecessary use.
  • Smart showers offer personalized settings and digital temperature control and can even improve water efficiency. Some also come with remote control, allowing you to start your shower from your bed or smartphone, so you can step straight into a warm shower with no wait.
  • High-tech toilets: Modern toilets can offer a remarkable array of features, such as bidets, seat warmers, automatic lids, night lights, and self-cleaning technologies, providing unparalleled comfort and hygiene to your bathroom.
  • Wire the bathroom for sound: Surround sound for the bath? Why not? Integrated sound systems allow you to immerse yourself in your favorite music, audiobooks or podcasts while you unwind or get ready for your day.
  • Advanced lighting and chromotherapy: Today’s smart lighting systems enable you to adjust the brightness and color temperature, and can even simulate natural light patterns, enhancing your overall well-being and helping you ease into sleep or awaken with more energy. Color therapy, or chromotherapy, can also be integrated into bathroom lighting using LED lights that can change colors on demand.
  • Electric privacy windows (also called “smart glass”) switch from clear to frosted or opaque with the flick of a switch and are a wonderful choice for bathrooms.

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Calutta Azure 114 X2

Small primary bathroom ideas

Just because your primary bathroom is on the smaller side does not mean your remodeling choices are limited.  In fact, creative ideas for making the most of a small primary bathroom remodel abound. Here are a few to get you thinking about the possibilities!

  • Create a big shower. Removing the bathtub increases the space available for a larger and more luxurious feeling walk-in shower. Clear, frameless glass walls or partial glass walls that skip the door can make the whole room feel more open and spacious. Alternatively, turn the entire room into a wet room for maximum openness.
  • Install a corner sink or vanity: Corners are often underused. In a smaller bathroom, installing a corner sink or vanity can save space, allow for better traffic flow and maximize usable space.
  • Use wall-mounted fixtures: Wall-mounted toilets and sinks free up floor space, making the room appear larger and simplifying cleaning round those areas.
  • Look for multifunctional storage: Incorporate storage wherever you can, such as a mirror cabinet, a vanity with built-in storage, or wall niches in the shower to keep bathing essentials handy without cluttering the space.
  • Look for multifunctional storage: Incorporate storage wherever you can, such as a mirror cabinet, a vanity with built-in storage, or wall niches in the shower to keep bathing essentials handy without cluttering the space. Learn more with Re-Bath’s bathroom cleaning checklist.
  • Utilize vertical space: Take advantage of vertical space for storage with tall, narrow cabinets or open shelving. This keeps the floor area clear while providing ample storage.

Complete Bathroom Remodel Checklist

Remodeling a primary bathroom can be a complex project involving multiple specialist tradesmen, including plumbers, carpenters and electricians. There are multiple steps involved in a complete bathroom remodel, including design, removal of old fixtures and materials, and installation of the new bathroom. Before you start planning, it is wise to consider all aspects of the project to avoid unexpected costs and help ensure everything goes smoothly. Here is a simple checklist:

  • Budget: Determine your budget early in the process. This will guide your decisions on materials, fixtures, and whether you can afford to change the layout of your bathroom.
  • Layout: Evaluate the current layout of your bathroom. Does it meet your needs, or is there something you would like to see improved? Sometimes, even small adjustments to the layout can make the bathroom more functional and spacious.
  • Plumbing and electrical work: Upgrading plumbing and electrical systems can be costly but necessary, especially in older homes or if you are making changes to the layout that include moving plumbing fixtures or changing lighting and ventilation. Either way, your budget will be impacted. Be sure to factor in these costs.
  • Ventilation: Proper ventilation is crucial in a bathroom to prevent mold and mildew growth and create a fresh, inviting environment. Ensure your plan includes an adequately sized exhaust fan vented to the outside.
  • Materials and finishes: There is more to choosing the right materials for your bathroom than aesthetics. You will want to be sure the materials (and their finishes) can withstand moisture and frequent cleaning. Safety is important too – be sure to consider slip-resistant options for your flooring.

It is also important to assess things such as the timeline for the work, local ordinances and regulations, and finding the right contractor.  Doing your homework before the project starts is critical to avoid difficulties, and finding a contractor who is experienced, licensed and insured is crucial. Remodeling a bathroom can be disruptive, especially if it is the only bathroom with a shower or bath in the home. Be sure to ask your contractor about their bathroom remodeling process, and look for a team that can get the work done in days, not weeks.

Taking the time to carefully plan and consider these factors will help ensure a successful remodeling project that stays within budget, adds value to your home and creates a fantastic primary bathroom you can enjoy for years to come.

Schedule a consultation with Re-Bath now to jumpstart your primary bathroom remodeling project. Start your transformation today and turn your primary bathroom into your favorite room in the house!