Explore Bathroom Design Tips for Every Stage of Life

Not every life stage is applicable to your own journey, but every life goes through changes: careers, relationships, families, and inevitably, age. Change can be difficult but designing your personal spaces to highlight the best of every stage can make it easier. If you like the idea of learning how to embrace change wholeheartedly, you might find these tips helpful.

First Place Bathroom Design Tips

Moving out on your own can be both exhilarating and scary. For the first time, you get to call the shots and when it comes to designing your space and there are no rules you have to follow other than to make it your own! You’re likely on a tight budget during this life stage, so design revolves around what you can afford. Recycled and upcycled elements, hand-me-downs, and antique shop finds are great options. Turn your old baby dresser into a storage cabinet, reframe an old mirror, add a fresh coat of paint—you get the idea (Read 6 Tips for Incorporating a Vintage Vibe). And let’s face it, at this stage of your life, you’re busy adulting which is a tough task to master. When you can afford to splurge on bathroom design updates, choose low-maintenance fixtures so that you can avoid spending your free time scrubbing mold and mildew from the shower.

Shared Space Bathroom Design Tips

Whether it’s a roommate or a significant other, sharing your personal space can be challenging. Design at this stage should take those challenges into consideration and improve functionality. Color coordinated storage solutions, different types of lighting, and double vanities are your friend. And if you’re cohabitating with someone whose design aesthetic is your polar opposite, consider options that combine elements of each person’s personality and style. Pair sleek glass and soft fabrics, or rustic wood floors with a delicate chandelier, for example, for an eclectic design that’s uniquely your own (Read 5 Tips for Sharing a Bathroom).

Planting Roots Bathroom Design Tips

We all come into our own at different times. Some of us know exactly what our style is from an early age, others’ design preferences evolve over the years (Read 6 Ways to Discover Your True Design Style). Whether it’s marriage, a growing family, or a new career, at some point you may be ready for a bigger space and a more ‘grown up’ aesthetic. When you’re ready to put down roots and redesign for this stage of your life, take your journey into consideration. Did you move away from family and friends who might come to visit? Maybe it’s time to put some thought into a guest bathroom. In your master bathroom, you might be able to splurge a bit—perhaps on one element that sets the stage for your space or higher quality materials that will stand the test of time. Choose timeless over trendy for your core fixtures—subway tile, hardwood, and granite are all great options—and add towels and décor that can be easily updated over time.

Downsizing Bathroom Design Tips

That big home with all the bathrooms was great, but after years of working to keep up with the maintenance of it all, another life change may bring with it the desire for less stuff. Downsizing is traditionally relegated to “empty nesters” whose kids have grown up and moved away. But minimalism is a growing trend among younger generations who prefer to rent or own smaller spaces in an effort to focus on experiences over things and improve their lives. Whether you’re designing a tiny house or remodeling a small-scale bathroom, there are plenty of design tricks that can make the transition from big to small less abrupt. Focus on the essentials and add storage overhead in the form of open shelving and woven baskets to keep your space free of clutter. Convert the tub to a walk-in shower for added functionality and to make your space appear larger.

Golden Years Bathroom Design Tips

Among all potential life changes, the only one none of us can avoid is aging. But unlike the generations that came before, seniors are not only living longer, they’re living productive lives longer. We’re retiring, staying in our homes, and contributing to our communities much longer than ever before. It’s likely why aging in place continues to be a growing trend: 87% of adults age 65+ want to stay in their current home as they grow older, according to AARP.

At this life stage, design is traditionally focused on safety and comfort. But at Re-Bath, we believe safety doesn’t have to compromise beautiful design. Look for universal design and seamless accessibility options like walk-in showers. This trend is especially functional for those with limited mobility, and their sleek design and variety of possible footprints makes them easy to incorporate into any design aesthetic from traditional to contemporary. Adding seamless accessories such as a grab bar, shower seat, and built-in shelving add security and comfort. Read 6 Ways to Sneak Safety into Stunning Design.

Experiencing or preparing for a life change of your own? Schedule a free in-home design consultation today for ideas that can help you embrace it with style!