Your floors may be something you walk all over, but they do have the power to transform a space. Even if you love everything else about a room, an unappealing floor can cause otherwise delightful finishes, fixtures, and furniture to lose their luster—not to mention that a home’s floor quality can impact its market value.

When it comes to your bathroom floor, the stakes are even higher. Having slip-resistant, waterproof, and easy-to-clean flooring is important for your well-being.

Whether you want to improve the value and safety of your home or you’re simply ready to stop pretending not to see anything below eye level, read on for our top three flooring recommendations for your bathroom remodel.


Bathroom Flooring Option #1: Standard Tile

When choosing the material for your bathroom tile, there are many options to consider, including marble, mosaic, and limestone. The most popular, however, are porcelain and ceramic tiles. Water-resistant, durable, and versatile in look and feel, these materials are often more cost-effective than others because they are easier to clean and don’t require resealing, as with more porous natural stone.

For a stunning polished porcelain that mimics the appearance of natural stone, consider the Sande Collection. Employing understated linear patterns, these tiles are elegant and practical, perfect for any modern bathroom.

Prefer industrial chic? This Gridscale Collection of ceramic tiles, marked by a subtle crosshatch design and upscale concrete looks, can help you create the minimalist remodel of your dreams.

If you’re interested in a signature flooring that will bring a touch of regal to your bathroom, consider the Praia Porcelain Tile Collection. With luxurious white-marble tones and soft cream hues, the collection elevates nearly any décor.


Bathroom Flooring Option #2: Wood-Look Tile

Among the biggest trend in tile flooring is wood-look tile, or tile that looks like hardwood. Because water can easily penetrate the finish of true wood floors, eventually leading to stains and cracks, many have turned to wood-looking planks made of more durable porcelain and ceramic. Upgraded inkjet technology has allowed for a super realistic appearance, and the varieties are endless.

Consider this red-bodied Balboa Ceramic Tile Collection. The tiles come in statement colors Amber, Grey, Ice, and Moka, offering a visually striking, durable, and easy-to-clean option for your bathroom remodel.

The Antoni Porcelain Tile Collection is another lookalike that’s winning designers’ attention. Featuring knots and graining for a genuine wood appearance, this timeless option adds the elegance and warmth of hardwood flooring without any of the upkeep.

Craving nostalgia? The Country-River Porcelain Tile Collection uses rich, textured looks evoking burnt timber and handcrafted traditional wood floors to create a classic space and the sense of a bygone era.


Bathroom Flooring Option #3: Luxury Vinyl Tile

Luxury vinyl tile (LVT) is a good lower-cost alternative to porcelain and ceramic options. Easy to clean and requiring no special procedures or products for upkeep, LVT offers a no-fuss flooring option that, while softer and less durable than tile, is still more pet- and kid-friendly than hardwood. This kind of flooring also provides great aesthetic variety.

Many appreciate the wood-style LVT options. Take a look at this Rigid Core Cyrus® Series, soft underfoot and offered in an array of on-trend hues. This 100% waterproof plank uses a CrystaLux™ wearlayer that protects it from the everyday wear-and-tear of scratches, spills, pet accidents, indentations, and sun damage.

The Andover™ Series from the Everlife® Luxury Vinyl Tile Collection is all style and convenience. Completely waterproof and with the CrystaLux™ wearlayer protection, this flooring option is comfortable for your feet and lovely for your home. This option brings you a painted, custom-designed beveled edge for a finished look.

The Rigid Core Prescott® Series—waterproof, plus protected from stains, dents, and scratches through the same CrystaLux™ technology—comes in subtle dove-gray tones and deep browns to offer a striking, functional flooring option, forgiving of the high traffic seen by busy shared bathrooms.


Ready to walk into your dream bathroom? Schedule a free in-home design consultation today and transform your bathroom from the floor up!