Rustic Bathroom Interior Design Ideas & Tips

Of all the decisions you’ll make throughout your bathroom remodeling process, one of the first and most important will be the aesthetic you select. There are four distinct design stylestraditional, contemporary, transitional and rustic.

Each style has its own unique characteristics. Deciding which you prefer can be tricky. If you’re not sure which one is right for you, check out our article on uncovering your design style for ideas and inspiration. Rustic style has evolved over the years and the modern version of this aesthetic can range from vintage farmhouse to urban contemporary. Think rich textures and well-worn fabrics like buttery-soft leather and woven rugs, slightly worn and faded from years of use. If you’re drawn to the outdoors, love hunting for vintage treasures, and find beauty in organic elements, rustic style is perfect for you.

From flooring to wall tiles, furniture to fixtures, and even fabrics, there are many choices you’ll need to make in order to pull off the look you want in your new bathroom. Let’s break down the elements of the rustic style.

Rustic Design: Bathroom Colors

Rustic bathrooms draw from a nature-inspired color palette, meaning any tones or hues you might find in the great outdoors are fair game: beige, chestnut, salmon, ocher, burgundy, pale gold…you get the idea. These neutral shades are anything but boring and serve as a perfect backdrop for bold accents and pops of color. Berry red, sage green, and indigo fit the bill perfectly for a rustic vibe. Bleached colors keep your look cohesive and can be used on any surface, from walls and doors to ceilings.

Rustic Design: Bathroom Surfaces

The surfaces in a rustic space should pay tribute to organic materials found in nature. Consider a soapstone or reclaimed oak countertop paired with natural cork or slate tile flooring. Cover the walls in rough-hewn wood planks, shiplap, or bead board to add texture and interest to the space. Finish off at waist height with a chair rail or carry the look farther up the wall to draw the eye. While the rustic aesthetic is based on time-worn, natural (rough or raw) finishes, a sleek touch can be a welcome addition to all of that texture. A smooth, glass sink bowl or walk-in glass shower wall can blend beautifully for a perfect industrial touch.

Rustic Design: Bathroom Fixtures

To continue the cozy, vintage feel of your rustic bathroom, opt for weathered fixtures. An aged-bronze faucet paired with a vessel style sink bowl made of the same material adds a cool, industrial element. If you prefer to lean toward farmhouse chic, consider a natural stone sink basin, like sandstone or onyx. Mixing metals is still on-trend and a great addition to a rustic space. Warm tones such as copper, matte brass, or antique gold with a bit of tarnish fit the farmhouse rustic vibe. A freestanding copper bathtub with vintage porcelain knobs is the perfect centerpiece here. But, if showers are more your speed (or fit better in your space) opt for a walk-in style with stone flooring, a rainfall showerhead and a vein cut, natural stone wall surround. Add a touch of industrial chic with wrought iron accessories or upcycle an old metal pail to keep that old school aesthetic.

Rustic Design: Bathroom Furniture

Rustic furniture leans toward the substantial; delicate details are not a hallmark of this design. In a bathroom remodel, consider adding pieces with a nod to nature. One hot trend right now is creating a vanity from a rugged slab of wood. These live-edge vanities create a powerful focal point that, with the right lighting, can beautifully define your rustic style. Repurposed pieces are another big trend in rustic design. An old wooden ladder can be upcycled to serve as a clever towel rack, for example, or a retro kitchen cupboard can become a charming medicine cabinet.

Rustic Design: Bathroom Textiles

Cloth and other materials used in rustic bathrooms should be unprocessed and raw, making them feel substantial and durable. For example, consider a rug woven from jute or a sturdy ticking stripe shower curtain. Wicker baskets coordinate with wooden shelves and provide extra storage space for essentials. While you’ll likely want to choose linens that are plush and comfortable, keep them within the rustic style guidelines by selecting natural tones like tan, gray, or cream.

Whether you want a rustic bathroom that calls to mind a simpler time or another style altogether, Re-Bath can help. Schedule a free in-home design consultation today and get started on the bathroom of your dreams.