Contemporary Bathroom Interior Design Ideas

Of all the decisions you’ll make throughout your bathroom remodeling process, one of the first and most important will be the aesthetic you choose. There are four distinct design stylestraditionaltransitionalrustic, and contemporary.

Each style has its own unique characteristics. Deciding which you prefer can be tricky. If you’re not sure which one is right for you, check out our article on uncovering your design style for ideas and inspiration. Contemporary style is different from modern style in that it focuses on a current and future aesthetic, though both are minimalist in design. Think state-of-the-art materials, open spaces, and plenty of metal and glass. If you’re drawn to clean architectural lines and the latest colors and trends, contemporary style might be a perfect fit for you.

From flooring to wall tiles, furniture to fixtures, and even fabrics, there are many choices you’ll need to make in order to pull off the look you want in your new bathroom. Let’s break down the elements of Contemporary style.

Contemporary Bathroom Style: Colors

Contemporary bathrooms feature a neutral color palette made up largely of different shades of white and black. Colors are complementary and used to make specific design elements stand out. A light gray backdrop with sleek black fixtures, cabinetry handles and accents makes for a sleek, contemporary look. For a more dramatic design, choose black as the dominant color, accompanied by metal accents like brushed nickel or polished chrome. While contemporary bathrooms tend to steer clear of bright colors, a few muted tones such as taupe, almond, or ivory can soften a high-contrast palette.

Contemporary Bathroom Style: Surfaces

Flooring and countertops in contemporary bathrooms make full use of cutting-edge materials; engineered wood flooring and slip-resistant slate tiles are both solid options for contemporary flooring. White porcelain and granite are both good countertop options. They’re also easy to clean, durable, and come in multiple gradient options to complement your overall aesthetic. A nonporous, natural stone wall surround is a great way to marry dark and light elements and bring a room together. Want to create a bright, airy space? White subway tile is a popularchoice. If you want to add contrast, consider adding dark grout lines.

Contemporary Bathroom Style: Fixtures

The fixtures in a contemporary bathroom lean toward the subtle and sleek rather than the bold and flashy. Metals with a “cool” undertone, such as chrome, nickel, and steel, fit particularly well with this aesthetic, and work with both light and dark surfaces. Look for pulls, handles, knobs, and other hardware that’s minimalist in design—think streamlined and functional over intricate and ornate. Frameless walk-in showers are in vogue and blend in seamlessly with a contemporary bathroom!

Contemporary Bathroom Style: Furniture

Contemporary furniture features clean, straight lines and geometric shapes. A wall-mounted basin style sink in stainless steel or porcelain fits the bill, especially one that features sharp right angles. Minimalist doesn’t have to mean cold; add light-colored accents for a bit of warmth. Gray cabinets are another hot trend that work well in a contemporary bathroom.

Contemporary Bathroom Style: Textiles

Contemporary bathrooms tend to be minimalist in nature, which means avoiding too much décor and sticking with colors and textures that fit the aesthetic. Soften the hard lines of a contemporary bathroom with an area rug in muted gray tones, featuring geometric shapes. Add thick towels in muted tones such as pewter, sand, or charcoal. Your contemporary bathroom doesn’t need to be void of color; consider adding hand towels in midnight blue, wine red, or juniper green for a burst of personality. And keep in mind that contemporary bathrooms have an undercurrent of luxury, so go ahead and splurge on extras like higher thread count towels, thick, soft rugs and plush bath robes.

Whether you want a sleek, elegant space featuring a minimalist aesthetic or another style altogether, Re-Bath can help. Schedule a free in-home design consultation today and get started on the bathroom of your dreams.