The bathroom is typically one of the smaller rooms in the home. Even if you have a large, expansive bathroom, there never seems to be enough storage for linens and toiletries. If you’re looking for ways to increase bathroom storage, consider these practical—and pretty—shelving solutions for every taste and budget.

Freestanding Bathroom Shelves

If you lack wall or counter space, but have a bit more floor “real estate”, consider adding a freestanding shelving unit. You can use it to store everything from cosmetics and grooming products to folded towels and decorate items like plants, candles, and framed photographs.

Freestanding shelves come in all shapes, sizes, materials, and colors. There are options with doors and drawers, or open shelves for a more modern look. Store smaller items in lined, wicker baskets to stay organized and minimize clutter.

Bathroom Corner Shelves

Corners are often underutilized spaces in the bathroom. Corner shelving units allow you to optimize every inch of your room. You can also use water-resistant corner shelves designed for the bath or shower to store soaps, shampoos, and other essentials.

Try an easy-to-install tension pole shower rack with enough shelves to keep all of your bathing supplies within reach. Choose a unit in a style and finish that matches your bathroom fixtures for a consistent design.

Bathroom Shelves Over Toilet

The area above the toilet is another commonly overlooked area that can be used for bathroom shelves. Freestanding over-the-toilet shelves are a quick and easy way to increase storage space. These portable units typically cost anywhere from $100-250 and require minor assembly, but no installation. Choose between units with doors or drawers, or open shelves in glass, metal, and wood finishes.

Over-The-Door Bathroom Storage

Bathroom shelving units that hang over the door are another great way to make the most of your space. These products are also simple to put together and don’t require drilling, so you won’t have to worry about damaging your door. They come with multiple baskets or bins and hooks to hang towels, robes, and clothing.

Countertop Bathroom Shelves

Even with limited countertop space, there are plenty of stylish accessories to add storage to your bathroom vanity area. Just be sure to place them in an area that won’t interfere with access to the sink and electrical outlets. Look for something with multiple tiers and spots to hold smaller items.

Clear acrylic countertop shelves won’t detract from the beauty of your surfaces.  Organizers with gold accents lend a little bit of glam and reflect brushed gold bathroom faucets and fixtures to seamlessly blend in with your bathroom design aesthetic. If your taste lends more toward natural, earthy colors and finishes look for wood countertop organizers for a more organic feel.

Bathroom Floating Shelves

Floating shelves maximize wall space without taking up floor space. Clean and elegant floating shelves are commonly installed over the toilet and above towel racks. You can use them to hold decorative objects and plants, and to store toiletries and other items.

In the interior design world, the “rule of three” is the key to grouping objects in a way that appeals to the eye and balances the space. Stack three floating shelves above each other for added storage and visual appeal.

Live edge wood bathroom shelving is naturally stunning and add a bit of character to the bathroom, as no two pieces are alike. Floating glass bathroom shelves are ideal for bathrooms because they are easy to clean (with a bit of glass cleaner and a cleaning cloth) and they don’t absorb moisture, dirt, and spills like more porous materials do.

How to Decorate Bathroom Shelves

Now that you’ve decided on the right bathroom shelves to increase your storage, let’s talk about how to style them. If your bathroom gets a lot of use, or is available to guests, you’ll want a functional system that looks good too.

As we mentioned earlier, most designers will tell you to group things in odd numbers to create balance (even if that seems counterintuitive.) While you can use the same three objects (like mason jars or wire baskets) you can also mix different items if they all complement each other color-wise, or share a similar design style.

Play around until you find a layout that is pleasing to the eye and allows for easy access to items you use on a regular basis. Having a variety of colors, textures, and heights among your objects provides visual interest. Use live plants and framed art to shelves to add warmth and personality to your space.

The beauty of bathroom shelving is that nothing is stationary. Storage shelves give you the opportunity to play around with your décor and move objects around to achieve the look you want.

Maximize Your Space With a Bathroom Remodel

If you’ve explored all possible options for bathroom storage, and you are still coming up short, a bathroom remodel can optimize your space and make it more accessible and functional.

Re-Bath design consultants view and measure your bathroom and explore solutions to reimagine your space and replace old materials and fixtures with products that make more sense for your day-to-day needs. Tub-to-shower conversions are often the best option to eliminate wasted space and give you more room for storage.

Re-Bath offers complete bathroom remodeling services, tub and shower conversions, and updates. We handle every detail of the process coordinating design elements and ordering materials to removing your old items, and installing your custom-made bathroom products.

But we don’t stop there. Re-Bath local franchise owners are known for our commitment to after-care to ensure your satisfaction. We offer warranties on our products, installation, and workmanship—and provide tips for the best products to keep your bathroom looking its best for years to come.

Our goal is to make your bathroom refresh as effortless as possible. You can have a brand new space in as little as a few days–not weeks. To schedule a free in-home design consultation, call 800-216-8526 or connect online today!