The bathroom might be the smallest room in your home, but when it comes to bathroom remodeling, the decisions can feel overwhelmingly big. From floor to ceiling, toilet to tub, and everything in between, bathroom design choices are endless.

Re-Bath’s design consultants have years of experience guiding homeowners through every decision, from selecting fixtures and finishes to choosing tile colors and designs. Here are our top bathroom design tips from the professionals to help you make smart remodeling decisions.


Pro Tip #1 Easy Bathroom Upgrades

Dramatic layout changes can lead to dramatic budget increases. If you’re working within a strict budget – and most homeowners are – it’s best to keep the original layout of your bathroom. You’ll be surprised how different it can look with new materials and fixtures! If you’re wishing for more space, consider swapping out your existing vanity for a floating variety, or choose one that’s smaller overall.

A fresh set of hardware can give your bathroom an instant upgrade. Change the material, color, and style to make this subtle change more noticeable. Leaving a little negative space will help to make your bathroom feel larger. Bathroom doors can also eat up space. Make sure yours swings out rather than in, or better yet, consider installing a pocket door to save more space.


Pro Tip #2 Make Bathroom Fixtures a Focal Point.

Vintage-style fixtures are popular these days, but original fixtures in your 1960s-era bathroom don’t count! Try a vintage soapstone sink or glass doorknob for a stunning focal point in a modern bathroom. If you don’t love the vintage vibe, there are plenty of other options, from the traditional to the sleek and modern. New towel bars or hooks can add interest, color, and dimension to your bathroom. Or give your mirror an instant style boost with a custom frame. Wood accents pair beautifully with every bathroom style from vintage to industrial and beyond. Check out the latest styles, finishes and products for your bathroom here.


Pro Tip #3 Bold Bathroom Design

The idea that small spaces must be light or neutral is so last year (unless you’re preparing to sell your home. In that case, follow this advice). Wallpaper has made a return to the spotlight with whimsical, gorgeous designs that can give your bathroom that ‘wow’ factor and help make it uniquely your own. Wallpaper the entire room or choose an accent wall for a bold, colorful design. If your tile covers much of the walls, look up! A dark paint color or jewel-toned fabric on the ceiling can add interest and dimension to your space.


Pro Tip #4 Consider a Tub To Shower Conversion

Nothing against professional soakers, but if your square-foot-hogging tub spends more time collecting laundry than it does holding water, consider converting to a shower—particularly in the master bathroom. A tub that only gets used a few times a year (if at all) isn’t worth the space it takes up. Instead, use that square footage for a stunning, walk-in shower with a seamless bench seat and shelf. You’ll get much more use out of it and won’t have to work so hard to keep it clean!


Pro Tip #5 Embrace Natural Bathroom Lighting.

Sunlight is a natural mood lifter (who couldn’t use that on a Monday morning?) and can impact the way colors look at different times of day. So, if your bathroom is equipped with a window, take advantage of it! Remove blinds, shades, or curtains that block sunlight from getting into the space. If privacy is a concern, choose sheer fabrics that allow light to pass through. Use clear glass in your shower and position mirrors so that natural light can bounce off and warm up the room. If your bathroom has no window to the outdoors, you can install lighting that mimics natural sunlight to create these same effects. For more ideas, read Bright Ideas in Bathroom Lighting.


Pro Tip #6 Bathroom Lighting Ideas

Speaking of lighting, with all the choices you face when remodeling your bathroom, there are some that are just more exciting than others. Bathroom lighting isn’t typically one of them. But consider how impactful lighting can be on your overall design. Wall-mounted lights on either side of the vanity mirror work to eliminate unflattering shadows and provide a symmetrical appearance. Ambient lighting in the shower and under-cabinet lighting provide a soft glow and a path in the dark when it’s needed. An elegant chandelier in the bathroom? Why not! Explore more tips on updating your light fixtures.


Pro Tip #7 Splurge on Luxury Bathroom Elements

Bathrooms are a functional space, but they also take the most abuse from constant use. When it’s finally time to remodel, homeowners tend to think function over form, selecting products and fixtures that get the job done, but don’t necessarily bring a lot of excitement. At Re-Bath, we believe everyone deserves a bathroom they love. That doesn’t mean it has to cost a fortune or incorporate over-the-top design elements. But wouldn’t it be nice if the space you use every day offered a little something extra, like a towel warmer, smart shower head, high-end faucet, or heated floors? Consider unique organizational solutions that offer style and smarts! Have fun coming up with ideas and then scale back and select one element that will make you smile.


Pro Tip #8 You Do You

What works for one homeowner doesn’t always work for another. Our designers start every consultation by getting to know their clients’ needs and wants. Families with young children might want to consider safety features that families with teens don’t need. And young couples without children might not be as interested in the safety features empty nesters are considering that will allow them to remain independent in their homes, like slip-resistant technology and seamless upgrades such as sturdy grab bars and shower seats. Look for options that fit your lifestyle and can be seamlessly integrated into your bathroom’s design.

Did these bathroom design tips inspire you to remodel your bathroom? Re-Bath offers tub & shower updates, aging and accessibility solutions, and complete bathroom remodels.

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