Design Tips for Bathrooms with Safety in Mind

If your bathroom has become a safety concern or doesn’t accommodate your family members’ needs, you might be inclined to forgo the bathroom remodel of your dreams in favor of adding practical features meant to increase safety, such as non-slip bath mats, after-market grab bars or medical-grade, plastic shower seats. The problem with these safety devices is that they take up space, add more clutter, and don’t address all the issues.

You might very well need to make some safety upgrades, either because your current bathroom doesn’t accommodate a family member with different abilities, or because you’re concerned about being able to stay in your own home as you get older. Either way, that doesn’t mean you can’t have a gorgeous bathroom you love!

Here are our design solutions for the top five bathroom safety hazards.

Bathroom Safety Hazard: Slipping on wet surfaces

Solution: Slip-resistant flooring

Eight in every 10 falls happen in the bathroom. It’s no wonder: slick surfaces and the near-constant presence of water don’t mix well. If you’re upgrading your bathroom’s flooring, opt for a slip-resistant style to reduce the risk of injury. Vinyl, bamboo and natural stone are all slip-resistant and stylish. Re-Bath’s patented DuraGard™ slip resistant technology can be added to your flooring, as well as the base of your bath or shower so you can eliminate those unattractive rubber mats without sacrificing safety.

Bathroom Safety Hazard: Out of reach elements

Solution: Eye-level accessories

Light switches, outlets, and door handles are usually an afterthought in design. But the location of all of these essentials plays a major role in your comfort and your bathroom’s accessibility. Placing these at a lower height to accommodate family members in a wheelchair is not only thoughtful, it’s smart. A comfort-height toilet seat is another considerate update that will help those who have difficulty rising from a seated position.

Bathroom Safety Hazard: Balance troubles

Solution: Grab bars

We have a tendency to reach for something to steady ourselves when on unsure footing. In the bathroom, that’s usually the towel bar. The problem is, typical towel bars aren’t strong enough to hold most adults. That’s why grab bars are so popular among aging adults. They offer extra security for family members of all ages while maneuvering around the bathroom. Replacing your towel bar with a sturdy, stylish grab bar is a seamless way to add safety and peace of mind to your bathroom. Consider choosing grab bars with a textured surface to offer a better grip.

Bathroom Safety Hazard: Tripping in or out

Solution: Lower the threshold

Walk-in showers are at the top of many homeowners’ wish lists when it comes to a bathroom remodel. Their sleek design and variety of possible footprints makes them easy to incorporate into any design aesthetic from traditional to contemporary. At the same time, the no-lip entry makes them an ideal universal design solution for people of all ages and abilities. “No-threshold showers are hot,” Kitchen & Bath Design News editor Janice Costa said in a recent Forbes article. “They’re great from an accessibility standpoint, but they also show off the stunning tile designs that are all the rage in bath design right now, and they simplify cleaning as well.”

Bathroom Safety Hazard: Standing for long periods

Solution: Shower seat or walk-in tub

Whether you’ve had a recent surgery or can’t stand for long periods, shower seats are ideal. Even if you don’t have any current medical issues, you might be one of the 90% of seniors who want to stay in their own homes as they age. A built-in shower seat or bench can be designed to match the wall surround and elegantly blend into the rest of your bathroom. If you or a family member can’t stand in the shower, a walk-in tub may be the answer. Modern walk-in tubs offer thoughtful design features such as door handles that are easy to operate, faucets that are easy to reach and use, and comfortable slide-in seats that accommodate users of all abilities. Re-Bath walk-in tubs aren’t just smart; with a variety of style options and fixture finishes, they’re stylish, too.

From low threshold shower bases and artfully designed walk-in tubs to thoughtful accessories such as grab bars and shower benches, Re-Bath offers a wide assortment of accessibility products that can be seamlessly incorporated for a bathroom remodel that’s as safe as it is stunning. Schedule your free design consultation today!

The safety of our customers and staff is our number one priority. Each Re-Bath location is taking every precaution to continue bringing customers a bathroom they’ll love. Click here to learn how your local Re-Bath can safely serve you.