A New Year brings anticipation, excitement, and perhaps the desire to freshen up a few areas of your home that could use an update. Face 2019 head-on with a new outlook and a new style. Here are 8 ways you can give your bathroom a mini-face lift without taking on an entire remodel.

Bathroom Design Refresh 1: Hardware upgrade

A fresh set of hardware can give your bathroom an instant upgrade. Change the material, color and style to make this subtle change more noticeable. Replace those shiny polished chrome pulls and handles with matte gold or brass and not only will your bathroom be on-trend for 2019, but fingerprints and water spots won’t show up either. Win-win!

Bathroom Design Refresh 2: Swap out light fixtures

Consider adding different types of lighting to your bathroom. Wall-mounted lights on either side of the vanity mirror work to eliminate unflattering shadows and provide a symmetrical appearance. Ambient lighting in the shower and under-cabinet lighting provide a soft glow and a path in the dark when it’s needed. An elegant chandelier in the bathroom? Why not! For more tips on updating your light fixtures, click here.

Bathroom Design Refresh 3: Get framed

Those large mirrors over the vanity can look so utilitarian. Give yours an instant style boost with a custom frame. Wood accents are making a comeback this year and pair beautifully with every bathroom style from vintage to industrial and beyond.

Bathroom Design Refresh 4: It’s the little things

If you’re making minor bathroom updates, consider the little things. For example, if you change the drawer and cabinet pulls from polished chrome to matte black, consider replacing those old light switch covers and door hinges to match.

Bathroom Design Refresh 5: Throw in the towel

Towels only last so long, especially since they get used and washed so frequently. They can start to look thin and lifeless after just a couple years. Add a splash of color or a thick, cozy vibe in your bathroom with new bath and hand towels in rich cotton.

Bathroom Design Refresh 6: A new place to hang

Speaking of towels, those new ones will need somewhere to hang. If your bathroom still has the squared-off, chrome towel bars the contractor installed when your house was built, it’s time for an upgrade. New towel bars or hooks can add interest, color and dimension to your bathroom. Check out the latest styles, finishes and products for your bathroom here.

Bathroom Design Refresh 7: Get organized

Let’s face it, most bathrooms have minimal storage. If you open the closet or vanity, chances are it’s piled high with half-used bottles of soaps and shampoos, among other long-forgotten lotions, creams and cleaning supplies. If this sounds like your bathroom, click herefor some great tips on how to clear clutter. It can feel overwhelming but organizing your bathroom doesn’t have to take an entire weekend and an army of volunteers. Once it’s cleaned out, your linen closet and vanity storage are great places for compact storage cubes. A shelf or two can hold rolled up clean towels (and look great, too!). Woven baskets or cloth boxes can organize soaps, make-up, and other essentials in plain view without cramping your style or your space.

Bathroom Design Refresh 8: Safety first

While you’re adding to the look of your bathroom, why not upgrade its functionality, as well? Bathroom slips and falls account for the majority of home accidents. But there are simple additions you can make that will make your bathroom safer and more comfortable. Slip-resistant technology and seamless upgrades such as sturdy grab bars and shower seats can provide style, comfort, and best of all, peace of mind. See our full line of bathroom aging and accessibility products here.

Jump style-first into the new year with fresh updates and a more functional bathroom. Considering a bigger refresh? Re-Bath offers tub & shower updatesand complete bathroom remodels, too! Schedule a free, no-obligation design consultation and discover just how effortless we make the remodel process. Click here to schedule your design consultation today.