Smart is the new modern. There’s little doubt that smart products are becoming more ubiquitous among homeowners. 81% of homebuyers say they would favor purchasing a home with smart accessories already installed. Why? Smart products give you control over your home, can lower costs, save energy and increase accessibility, comfort and safety. Google Home, Alexa, Siri… it’s likely you’ve got at least one smart device in your home already. But a smart bathroom? While it may sound a bit futuristic, the truth is that homeowners are turning to smart products to add comfort, storage and utility to their bathrooms.

According to a 2018 U.S. Houzz Bathroom Trends Study, homeowners remodel their bathrooms to update the style, increase the resale value of their homes and to make cleaning and maintaining easier. A smart bathroom can accommodate all of these desires.

1. Smart Bathrooms Deliver Modern Style

Modern bathrooms tend to lean toward minimalistic; picture neutral tones punctuated by pops of bright, earthy colors. But by simply incorporating modern technologies, such as a smart shower, you can give your bathroom a smart, new look, even if your style is more traditional than modern.

  1. Swap outdated faucets with copper or brass hands-free fixtures.
  2. Replace mold-harboring tile with high-shine wall surrounds.
  3. Install LED lights in strategic places such as backlit mirrors and task lighting.
  4. Upgrade that cracked, corner tub for a modern look. What’s smarter than a tub that comes complete with advanced water savings?

2. Smart Bathrooms Deliver Improved Functionality

While improved lighting was listed as a top reason for a bathroom remodel, smart devices go well beyond this to deliver better functionality at every touchpoint.

  1. The latest smart toilets offer advanced technologies such as water efficiency, LED lights for late night bathroom trips, automatic open and close seats, auto flushing, a heated seat and even personal cleansing feature.
  2. The most modern smart showers come with voice commands that allow you to adjust the water temperature, control the showerheads’ spray patterns, adjust music or lighting, turn on steam, and set shower duration.
  3. Modern lighting vanity systems automatically synchronize options for each user and can be voice controlled with the addition of Alexa. Motion-activated nightlights offer safety and convenience and LED lights are perfect for grooming and make-up applications.
  4. Waterproof flat screens have arrived! The latest models are IP68-rated for safe use in the bathroom. A heated panel means the screen won’t fog up while you’re in the shower, either. How smart is that?

3. Smart Bathrooms Deliver Higher Resale Value

It seems that great bathrooms can still sell a house. And the key to getting the most return on your investment is adding a bit of luxury. We can’t think of anything more luxurious than smart products that offer convenience and style. According to this Bob Villa article, improving or adding a master suite can net you 65% to 80% ROI. The latest in-demand amenities include separate bathing and changing areas and smart-home functionality.

4. Smart Bathrooms Deliver Easy Maintenance

In addition to adding value to your home, smart bathroom products can help to decrease monthly utility costs thanks to smart designs that maximize efficiency, such as:

  • Water-saving faucets like Moen’s Eva series. These fixtures marry environmentally responsible design and high performance.
  • Self-cleaning toilets with deodorizing seat make cleaning day a breeze and keep the toilet cleaner between your own deep-cleanings.
  • Walk in showers do away with glass so that you don’t have to spend more of your free time trying to scrub soap scum. Frameless and semi-frameless shower screens also help to shorten your weekly chore list.
  • Waterproof wall surrounds resist mold and mildew and let you quickly squeegee off water rather than scrub grout lines. Re-Bath’s DuraBath™ wall surrounds consistently outperform acrylic materials for durability and easy maintenance.

The latest bathroom smart products help you create a stylish, functional, relaxing space. Think your bathroom could use a facelift this year? Schedule a free, in-home design consultation and find out which trends can turn your bathroom into a luxurious space that’s as beautiful as it is functional.