Step by Step Guide to Your Bathroom Remodel

Remodeling projects can feel overwhelming, especially when you handle the details yourself. You have to find the right contractor for each step of the process, from the removal of your old materials and prepping the space, to plumbing and electrical work, and installation. Coordinating all of those schedules is no easy task: waiting until one contractor completes their work before you can schedule the next typically leaves you with an unusable bathroom for weeks at a time while you wait to be penciled in. Then there’s the time waiting for your products to arrive before the installation crew can get started. Not to mention the unexpected costs that tend to creep up for unforeseen issues and additional work.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could hire one company to handle it all, from design to done? With Re-Bath, the process is as easy as 1-2-3-4. Here’s how our proprietary process works and what you can expect along the way to your new bathroom.

ReBath Process

At Re-Bath, we believe everyone deserves a bathroom they love. That’s why we offer free Design Consultations and estimates. We also believe it shouldn’t take weeks, or even months, to get it. Everyone working on your bathroom remodel, from the demolition crew to the installers, is a Re-Bath employee. That means one crew and one schedule, so your new bathroom will be ready to enjoy sooner.

Want to learn more? Schedule a free Design Consultation and find out how easy it is to get the bathroom of your dreams!

The safety of our customers and staff is our number one priority. Each Re-Bath location is taking every precaution to continue bringing customers a bathroom they’ll love. Click here to learn how your local Re-Bath can safely serve you.