Vetting Your Bathroom Remodeling Contractor

Your bathroom is likely the smallest room in your house, which makes it one of the most complex to renovate.

In a kitchen, for example, two or more contractors can work side by side, but in the bathroom there’s usually only room for one pro at a time. That makes the remodeling process less efficient. There’s also a lot going on, between tile work, counters, cabinets, plumbing, electrical, and perhaps tech equipment, such as a smart mirror or shower.

Because each pro will need time and space in the bathroom, you’ll need to schedule them days apart and work within each of their individual schedules. That means, the flooring installer might finish up on a Wednesday, but the cabinetry installer may not be available until the following Monday. Waiting days between each step of the process could add days or even weeks to your project, leaving you without a working bathroom much longer than anticipated.

The one qualification most contractors don’t have is a team of full-time employees. Why is this critical?

Unrealistic Remodeling Completion Time

When it comes to bathroom remodeling, some contractors will tell you they can complete the job in one day, while others might say it’ll take a month or more. The truth is that a typical bathroom remodel only takes about one week of work. Companies that promise a one-day remodel are usually just covering up old problems. The majority spread a project out over several weeks, not because they’re wasting time but because of schedules.

There’s a good chance your contractor will hire subcontractors to do most of the work. That means, one sub to handle the tear down, another to handle plumbing. Then a drywall pro, a cabinet and countertop installer, a tile pro, a flooring installer, an electrician, and finally a painter. Each of these subcontractors has their own clients and projects. That means your contractor must plan your project around each of their calendars, which can lead to weeks (and more weeks) of waiting, adding unnecessary time and hassle.

Outsourced Contracting Implications

Remodeling projects rarely go exactly as planned. You might order bathroom tile to arrive the day before your tile pro shows up, but what if half of the tiles are chipped or broken? You could be waiting a few extra weeks for replacement tiles—and that puts everything on hold.

At Re-Bath, the professionals working on your model—from the demolition crew to the drywall pro and installers—are Re-Bath employees. That means, we set all their schedules. The only things that might be contracted out are the electrical and plumbing because they must be licensed. We’ve remodeled over a million bathrooms, so we’ve seen every type of bathroom remodeling snafu, and we plan for all of them so you don’t have to think about it. Bottom line? We’re experts at one thing: bathroom remodels. And we have it down to a science.

Professional Contracting Management

When you hire a company to remodel your bathroom, you’re essentially opening your home up to strangers who come in and out, bringing in supplies, tearing out old materials, and installing new products. It can be especially intimidating when you hire one remodeling company and then are greeted with a series of strange faces throughout the process. Knowing that every professional coming into your home answers to one company and is part of the same mission and structure as the one you hired, makes a difference. There is also a confidence in dealing with an established, brick and mortar business. Many remodeling companies exist solely online and try to appear larger by working with a wide variety of contractors. But a company with a solid reputation provides peace of mind that goes a long way. If there is ever an issue with your remodel, an established company will likely stand behind its work, which means you won’t have to spend days tracking down rogue contractors. Re-Bath customers have just one point of contact for anything they might need, and we offer warranties on products as well as on our work.

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