Simple Interior Design Ideas

There’s no question that hiring an interior decorator to make every room in your home perfect would be a nice perk, but let’s be realistic, most of us aren’t going to do that. With the holidays coming, and hosting family and friends, it sure would be nice to give your home a fresh face-lift, though, wouldn’t it? Here are 25 design hacks you can do now to make your home look like a pro did the decorating.


  1. Go green. Adding a few plants to your interior décor can make a big impression. Not only do they add color and texture, but they bring a level of dimension and have been proven to reduce stress. Even if you don’t have a green thumb, you can choose hardy indoor plants that simply require a little sunlight and once a week watering.
  2. Let the light in. Heavy draperies and dark blinds can make a space look dated. Push open those drapes and show off your windows. You might need to touch up the trim with a fresh coat of paint and give the glass a Windex shine, but natural light flooding your space will dramatically improve the appearance and make you feel better, too.
  3. Are your magazines, books, picture frames and knick-knacks collecting dust? The more stuff you have, the busier your space will look. Sort through your collectibles, and box up anything that doesn’t tug at your heartstrings. White space and clean lines will give your room a modern look and create a calming effect for you at the same time.
  4. Add a rug. Whether your space is hardwood or carpeted, an area rug can add depth, texture and interest. Pro tip: Select a rug one size larger than you think you’ll need. Most homeowners choose a rug that’s too small (usually to save a little money), but a larger rug will make your space appear bigger.
  5. Borrow and Steal. Maybe you’ve got a great lamp in your bedroom that would look perfect in the living room, or an oversized painting in the den that would be a fun addition to your daughter’s playroom. Move pillows from the couch to another spot or steal a glass container from the kitchen to hold Q-tips on the bathroom counter. Recycling your own things to different rooms in your home can give the items – and the space – a fresh lease on life!
  6. Roll with it. In the linen closet, try rolling your towels instead of folding them. It will give the space an instantly organized appearance. If you’ve got exposed shelving in your bathroom, rolled towels gives your space a clean, fresh look.
  7. Out with the Original. Stuck with builder’s grade interior doors? Replacing them isn’t as expensive as you think. Choose 5- or 6-panel unpainted doors in a fun color. Or go black for a little extra elegance.
  8. Sign of the Times. If your brushed gold door handles and hardware look a bit dated, upgrade to matte black hardware and glass or porcelain knobs. They’ll look great on those new, elegant interior doors!
  9. In the bathroom, switch out old glass shower doors that house hard to clean mold with a new shower curtain. Or better yet, replace your old tub with a walk-in shower for a modern look that’s easy to maintain.
  10. Add a little romance. If your home has a fireplace that doesn’t work or that you don’t use, clean out the opening and store wood logs or candles of different heights for a warm, romantic look.
  11. Brighten up darker rooms by strategically placing mirrors behind lamps. They work to reflect light, making your space appear brighter and bigger.
  12. Look up. If your dining room, bedroom or bathroom feels a bit boring, try painting the ceiling in a bright color like navy or teal to give it a punch of personality.
  13. Stretch out. No, you don’t have to tear down drywall. Simply hang curtains a foot or so above the window frame to give the room a taller, more spacious feel. Curtains too short to reach the floor? Use rope, twine, or ribbon to attach the curtain to the rod.
  14. Frame it. Use molding to create a simple, custom frame around the bathroom mirror for an instant, polished look.
  15. Spa-style towels. Fold a clean, bath towel in thirds lengthwise and hang it over the towel rod. Fold a coordinating hand towel so that the bottom is two-thirds of the way to the top. Flip it over and fold the left and right sides in toward the middle to meet. Tuck one side into the other to create a pocket. Hang the hand towel over the bath towel. Next, fold a coordinating washcloth accordion-style, pinched halfway down and inserted into the hand towel’s pocket.
  16. Get to the point. Fold the edges of the toilet paper roll under to create a simple point for a finished look.
  17. No wallflowers. If your furniture hugs the walls, move it closer to the center of the room. Find a central focal point, like the space under a ceiling fan or around a fireplace and group your furniture around an area rug for a more relaxed, cozy vibe.
  18. Freshen up. Replace worn out task lighting with vintage pendants for a modern farmhouse vibe.
  19. Light it up. Replace low-wattage light bulbs with a higher watt and use dimmers wherever possible. Strategic lighting can give your space an instant lift.
  20. Get clever with storage. Add a woven trunk in the bathroom to store necessities or hide dirty clothes.
  21. Layers of warmth. Layer blankets on the bed for a rich, cozy look. Choose complimentary colors or different shades of the same color for a modern, monotone style.
  22. Create cozy. Pile a few oversized pillows on the living room floor and toss a thick, soft blanket over the arm of the sofa for a cozy, chic vibe.
  23. Simple face-lift. Moldy, cracked caulk can make your bathroom look dingy and outdated. Re-caulk around the shower and tub for an instant face-lift.
  24. Modernize. Haven’t used your bathtub since the kids were little? Replace it with a modern, walk-in shower for a sleek, new look that’s highly functional, too.
  25. Mismatched. Set the table with textured place mats and mismatched dishware to create a cozy, farmhouse look.


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