Bathroom Upgrades That Can Improve Health

Health is on everyone’s mind these days and has seeped into our culture in the ways we interact, work, and live. It’s also impacting industries. In real estate, for example, home offices and outdoor spaces have become priorities for potential homeowners. In the home remodeling industry, there is a trend toward creating a safe, healthy environment in which families can thrive during the current crisis and beyond.

Designing spaces with wellness in mind goes beyond adding a gym in the basement or a cozy robe and candles to the master bathroom. Here are a few of the latest and greatest ideas and products to consider including if you’d like your bathroom remodel to inspire wellness.

Get Rid of Mold in Bathroom

Bathrooms are known for harboring mold and mildew, so the more you can do to keep it at bay, the better. Consider incorporating the following elements that can help you breathe easier indoors.

Waterproof flooring. While natural hardwood looks beautiful, it doesn’t stand up well to water, so the bathroom isn’t an ideal place for this type of flooring. You can still get the look of wood floors with luxury vinyl planks, which are not only more durable but are easier to maintain. Other flooring options that won’t hold onto water and put your family in danger of mold are porcelain or ceramic tiles (or luxury vinyl tile) and natural stone floors.

Seamless shower surrounds prevent mold growth and do away with grout lines that can absorb moisture. Re-Bath offers a gorgeous line of natural stone, harvested straight from 3,000-year-old rock quarries across the globe. Each DuraBath™ Natural Stone surround is cut and reinforced at the same time, allowing us to create large panels for a simpler installation and a seamless appearance.

Updated plumbing. Especially in older homes, you’ll want to be sure your plumbing is made from new materials that prevent mold and water leaks that pose significant health risks.

Nonporous vanity tops can keep germs from breeding, plus they’re easier to clean. Materials such as Quartz are anti-microbial and never need sealing or polishing. Solid surface and Granite are also durable, water resistant options to consider.

Steam showers offer a multitude of benefits, not the least of which is that they can soothe respiratory systems by loosening breathing passageways, easing coughs and soreness, and getting more oxygen to the lungs. They can also relax sore muscles, help clear up acne-prone skin, ease the symptoms of arthritis, improve sleep and reduce anxiety.

Live plants can improve air quality and help regulate humidity. They also have a calming effect. In fact, according to research, they can help reduce stress levels and increase memory retention and concentration.

Declutter Your Bathroom

Hours of working outdoors or sitting in front of a computer can leave us feeling stiff, sore and mentally exhausted. That’s why a hot shower feels so good at the end of a long day. Here are some products to consider if you’re looking to add comfort and reduce anxiety.

Storage space. Cramped and cluttered bathrooms are more than just an inconvenience—they can be a source of panic and anxiety. Having a dedicated space to store essentials as well as occasionally-used products gives your bathroom a put-together look and added counter space. Built-ins, vanity drawers, woven baskets, and seamless shower cubbies are all options to consider.

Smart showers can set your shower to the ideal temperature and turn off at a specific time to keep you on schedule and avoid wasting water.

Design. Spaces that are too spare or clinical can trigger feelings of sadness or emptiness. Create a space you want to spend time in by incorporating wall art, textures, and colors to your bathroom.

Horizontal showers integrate water massage and personalized hydrotherapy to improve blood circulation and relax your muscles.

Height considerations. While it may seem unimportant, installing mirrors, cabinets, and vanities at the right height can keep you from bending, squatting, and stretching in ways that cause tension and stress on your body.

Ergonomic bathtubs. If you gave up on baths long ago because they’re too small and uncomfortable, an ergonomic bathtub might be the answer. These tubs have a unique bottom that allows your hips to lay lower than your feet so that you fit more comfortably without sliding or slumping down. They properly support your arms, legs, and back and are deeper than standard tubs so that you can submerse to your neck, if desired.

Safe & Accessible Bathroom Design

When we mention universal design, many homeowners think of stark, hospital room grab bars and safety seats. And while accessories like grab bars can provide safety and stability at all ages, there are many other changes that can be made that go largely unnoticed but improve the health and wellness of users.

Lever-style doorknobs are easy to push open whether you’re carrying an infant or you have limited mobility in your hands.

Walk-in tubs incorporate innovative safety features and thoughtful design elements so those with limited mobility can bathe comfortably and safely.

Shower benches. Unlike after-market shower seats that can be difficult to maneuver, seamless shower benches provide a strong, sturdy, durable alternative to standing in the shower for those with balance issues or difficulty standing for longer periods of time.

Low-threshold shower entries make getting into and out of the shower safer and easier for those who’ve had a recent surgery (such as a knee or hip replacement) or for those in wheelchairs or with limited mobility.

Slip resistant flooring. Falling in the bathroom is a real concern for homeowners of all ages and abilities. Slip-resistant technology provides added stability and confidence.

Grab bars. Sturdy, stylish grab bars provide safety and peace of mind. Blend them seamlessly into your bathroom design with modern styles and finishes – horizontal grab bars can even double as a towel bar.

Motion-activated night lights provide a path in the dark for late night trips to the bathroom without flipping on bright lights that can fool your brain into thinking it’s time to wake up.

Expanded door frames allow enough space for standard wheelchairs to access rooms. Even if no one in your family currently uses a wheelchair, you may find a need for one in the future, whether for an aging loved one or post-surgery.


Hygienic Bathroom Design 

COVID-19 brought proper handwashing techniques and awareness of spreading germs to the forefront of our minds. Modern smart products can make it easier for families to keep germs at bay and promote health and wellness.

Self-cleaning toilets limit your exposure to germs that can make you sick and keep your toilet clean between your own deep cleanings.

Motion-activated faucets. Dirty hands turn on faucets to get clean, leaving germs and dirt behind. These modern, smart faucets promote good hygiene habits and keep germs away.

Bidet toilets are more hygienic than toilet paper. And despite popular belief, the cost of bidet-style seats is now much more comparable to traditional toilets.

Sophisticated exhaust systems. Exhaust fans draw out moisture, humidity, odors, and other pollutants, improving the quality of air inside your home. Look for one that’s HVI-Certified.

From steam showers and motion-activated faucets to shower benches and exhaust systems, Re-Bath offers a wide assortment of wellness products that can be seamlessly incorporated for a bathroom remodel that’s as healthy as it is stunning. Schedule your free design consultation today!

The safety of our customers and staff is our number one priority. Each Re-Bath location continues to take every precaution to bring customers a bathroom they’ll love. Click here to learn how your local Re-Bath can safely serve you.