#1 – From start to stunning.

We make the remodel experience effortless with our start-to-finish process, from design to installation. 

#2 – Free, in-home design consultations.

Our professional designers bring materials and designs right to you, helping you create the perfect bathroom for your space and style. 

#3 – Remove, replace, remodel.

We’ll carefully remove old materials and then install your new bathroom, from plumbing and electrical to fixtures and finishes. 

#4 –Fast removal and installation.

Our remodels take only days, not weeks, so you can love your bathroom sooner. 

#5 – Gorgeous, groutless materials.

Re-Bath uses grout-free materials including natural stone that are easy to clean & easy to love.

#6 – Refresh or remodel, within your budget.

Whether you want a small upgrade or a complete remodel, our projects will meet your needs and budget.

#7 – Don’t relocate. Renovate.

As your needs change, update your bathroom with aging and accessibility solutions designed to keep the space safe & stylish.

#8 – Quality products from brands you trust.

Our proprietary products, as well as those from well-known brands, are of the highest quality,  function, and style.

#9 – We guarantee you’ll love your new bathroom.

We offer workmanship, installation, and product warranties to ensure our products and work lasts long after the remodel is complete.

#10 – Locally owned & operated, backed by a national brand.

Re-Bath local franchises offer the attention and care of a small business, with the trust and resources of a big company.

#11 – Reliable remodels

We‘ve been in the bathroom business since 1978, creating millions of stunning remodels-and happy customers.

#12 – 0% financing. 100% gratification.

With our 0% financing options, you don’t have to wait to have the bathroom of your dreams. 

There’s a reason (actually, a dozen!) why we’re the industry leader in bathroom remodeling. Contact us today and discover how we make it easy for you to update, and love, your bathroom.

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