Helpful Questions to Ask Your Bathroom Remodeler

The last few years saw massive growth for remodeling as homeowners spent more time in their homes. This year, experts predict that we’re heading into a recession, which means spending may slow. For homeowners, that means potentially putting off a move or a major remodel, but projects that repurpose and use existing space are in high demand. One thing to be wary of, according to a recent Forbes Home article, is freelance contractors who are flexible with pricing to get you to sign—usually this means steps are skipped or important considerations are left out.

As home prices continue to rise, renovating is a more economical solution. And not surprisingly, bathrooms are one of the most wanted renovations, according to a Houzz study.

If you’re considering a remodel, you’re not alone! Despite a looming recession, the majority of US homeowners still plan to take on a new home improvement project in 2023, according to a recent Houzz survey of 4,000 homeowners. But is now still the right time for you to remodel your bathroom? Here are seven questions that can help you decide.

Question #1: Which components of your bathroom do you use most/least?

Bathrooms are one of the hardest working rooms in a home. We use them daily and their relatively small size makes every square inch a hot commodity. Are there certain corners or areas of your bathroom you aren’t using? Do you use some of the space in a different way than is intended, such as using an oversized tub as a laundry hamper or a linen closet as a dresser drawer? Do you have a tub/shower combo but haven’t taken a bath in years? You can likely achieve much more functionality from your space if it’s redesigned to suit your current needs. Could a Tub-to-Shower conversion be just what you need? Learn more about our process and stunning solutions.

Question #2: Do you have safety concerns about your bathroom?

The combination of a near-constant presence of water and hard, slick surfaces make bathrooms a high-risk area for slips and falls. While fast-moving toddlers and aging parents might require more safety measures, family members of all ages and abilities can benefit from better lighting, non-slip surfaces, and sturdy safety bars for moving about in the bathroom. Upgrading your space now means you won’t need to make hasty after-market safety product purchases that look dated and don’t always work. Modern aging and accessibility solutions can blend seamlessly into your bathroom’s design to give you peace of mind. See all of our gorgeous solutions and learn about our proprietary remodeling process.

Question #3: Has cleaning your bathroom turned into a dreaded, time-consuming chore?

Bathrooms are moist and humid—a combination that’s ripe for mold and mildew to thrive. Most of us don’t look forward to cleaning the bathroom, but it shouldn’t be so miserable that you dread it each week. If you find yourself scrubbing grout lines and shower walls with a toothbrush, remodeling your bathroom can save you time and effort. No amount of scrubbing can fix chipped or cracked tiles—which is also where mold and mildew love to grow. Behind your existing walls, plumbing deteriorates over time. If you find yourself calling for a plumber or running to the hardware store for drain cleaning solutions on a regular basis, it may be time to call in the pros. When you remodel your bathroom, the demo will reveal potential problems that need to be addressed. The good news is that modern materials are much lower maintenance and will make cleaning your bathroom easier and faster. Take a peek at our incredible line of natural stone, seamless shower surrounds.

Question #4: Have your family dynamics changed?

With time, family dynamics change along with our priorities. Big life changes—single to married, expecting to parenting an infant, a toddler, a teen, and becoming empty nesters—require different amenities. The bathroom that at one time was perfectly suited to your life can quickly feel too small or unsafe. There’s no such thing as the perfect bathroom for everyone. Instead, decide what’s perfect for you right now. Maybe that’s more counter space, a double sink, an oversized tub, more storage space, or a walk-in shower. Find design inspiration in our photo gallery!

Question #5: What new bathroom materials, products, and technologies are available?

Technologies and products are always evolving. Eco-friendly materials, modern fixtures, and smart products mean you can design a bathroom that’s low-maintenance, highly efficient, safer, healthier, and more comfortable. You don’t have to be a millionaire to incorporate the latest styles and technologies into your bathroom remodel. As more manufacturers offer these smart solutions, they become increasingly accessible to a wider segment of the population. So, go ahead and daydream about that steam shower, self-cleaning toilet, or touchless faucet! See 22 smart trends in bathroom technology.

Question #6: What are your one-year and five-year plans?

According to HGTV, a minor bathroom remodel has an average ROI of 102%. If you’re considering selling your home, remodeling the bathroom is well worth the investment. Even if you earn a lower return on your investment, in a competitive real estate market, a modern master bathroom can help potential buyers remember your home and sway them in your favor when narrowing down their choices. If you don’t have plans to move in the next several years, you’ll still want to give some thought to how your life could look different in three-five years. Your little ones will likely be more independent, teens might head off to college, or an impending knee replacement or other medical procedures might require additional safety elements. It’s a good idea to think a bit ahead. Your design consultant can recommend products, materials, and other design elements that make the most of your investment. Schedule a free design consultation.

Question #7: What is your budget for a bathroom remodel?

Returns on investment (ROI) for bathroom renovations are notoriously high, averaging around 93.2%. That means that for every dollar you spend on a bathroom remodel, you can expect to see nearly double your money back when you sell your home.

The average cost of a mid-range bathroom remodel is roughly $21,000. It can be difficult to know what it will cost to bring your bathroom ideas to life, which is why we offer a free design consultation. This helps us better understand your individual needs and style and recommend products and solutions that fit your personal budget. We take the necessary measurements as well as your wishes into consideration to provide you with an accurate quote.

If you’ll be getting a tax refund check from the government this year, you might want to put that money towards home improvements and help boost the economy at the same time. If you do need to finance your remodel, there are many options to consider, such as a Home Equity Line of Credit. And some home improvements may be tax deductible. Link to the article about financing.

The average person spends a total of 26 minutes of their day in the bathroom, according to one study. If you’re thinking about remodeling your bathroom, now is a great time to speak with a design consultant to discover all the options available, determine the cost, and create a beautiful new space that adds style and functionality to your home.

Learn more about our proprietary process and schedule your free in-home design consultation today!