6 Quick Bathroom Touch-Ups to Make Before the Guests Arrive

The holiday season is officially upon us! It’s also a season of dropping temperatures and early sunsets, which is why cultivating a warm, welcoming atmosphere in your home is a must if you want to provide your guests with a cozy sanctuary from the cold. Here are six last minute touch-ups you can make to guarantee your bathrooms are guest-ready.

Bathroom Touch-up #1: Add Some Life

Bathrooms tend to feel a bit too utilitarian but filling them with too much décor can make them feel overcrowded. Consider adding a few live plants to your space. Not only do they provide a bit of color and dimension, but they’re good for your health, too. Bathroom plants often get watered from the steam in the shower and don’t need much light, making them a low-stress addition to your decor. Don’t have a green thumb? Try botanical-themed, removable wallpaper or pair a few faux plants with a lavender-scented diffuser for the full effect.

Bathroom Touch-up #2: Scrub the Tub

If you’re going to have overnight guests (expected or not), clean your tub with non-abrasive soap and water, and rinse thoroughly. If the grout around your tub and along the tiled walls is heavily stained, try one of the following products. While these are not recommended for regular cleaning, they can help remove stubborn mold and mildew stains:
•Clorox Clean-Up
•Formula 409
•Liquid Comet
•X-14 Soap Scum & Bath Cleaner
•Ajax Mildew & Stain
•Ajax Ultra
•Comet Homecare Gel
•Grease Lightening
If that doesn’t work, it may be time to re-grout your tile or consider a tub and shower conversion. This can be a quickway to freshen up the look of your entire bathroom, and with a modern, grout-less solution like our DuraBath® wall surrounds, you’ll never have to scrub grout again!

Bathroom Touch-up #3: Declutter the Mess

Spending time in a messy bathroom is a total drag, an experience that no proper host would ever put their guests through. Here are some tips for straightening up:
•Use a tray organizer to tidy your vanity drawers
•Throw out all the almost-empty bottles of shampoo and conditioner
•Store away anything your guests likely won’t use (blow dryer, face masks, etc.)
•Remove excessive décor (bowls of stale potpourri or candles that no longer light)
•Need extra storage space? Consider upgrading to a new vanity with more drawers and cabinet space to accommodate overnight guests

Bathroom Touch-up #4: Fix the Fixtures

Faucets that are rusty, leaky, or simply an eye sore can make your whole bathroom look lackluster. Replacing your faucets, toilet handles, and showerhead can instantly elevate your bathroom. If you are planning on hosting guests this holiday season, updating your fixtures is a quick, simple, and affordable option to make your space look polished. Ready to give it a go? See how to install new bathroom fixtures here.

Bathroom Touch-up #5: Tidy the Toilet

Don’t put your guests in an awkward situation by letting them use a toilet that has the potential to act up. Make sure the flapper, flush valve, and chain are in good condition, with no cracks or signs of deterioration. If your toilet has a manageable quirk that you can’t fix before your guests arrive, it’s good form to leave a note to let them know, “Please hold down handle for 5 seconds when flushing.” Or, if you’re a few weeks out from hosting and want to avoid any potential for trouble, consider upgrading to an eco-friendly, dual-flush toilet that uses up to 20% less water.

Bathroom Touch-up #6: Don’t Forget the Final Touches

Once you’ve tidied up andare happy with your bathroom décor,it’s time for the final touches. These are the little details that will really make your guests feel cared for. Refill the soap dispensers, put extra toilet paper rolls in a visible spot,like in a small basket on top of the toilet tank,and leave fresh towels on the rack. If you’re anticipating overnight guests, give them a little hotel treatment by stocking a basket with mini bottles of shampoo and conditioner, a toothbrush and toothpaste, and a razor and shaving cream. Finally, light a candle or someincense before your guests arrive, and leave out a small bowl of mints for a post-meal refresher.

Interested in making some bathroom upgrades before you host for the holidays? Our entire process takes you from start to stunning in as little as one week, so it’s not too late to better your bathroom before the big day! Schedule a free in-home consultation to speak with one of our Design Consultants about installing a new bathroom before the guests arrive.