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6 Bathroom Remodeling Trends for 2019

Now that 2019 is here, it’s time to begin thinking about making some changes! This isn’t about resolutions – but if you’re going to make one worth sticking to, we recommend resolving to update the spaces around you to inspire you, relax you, invigorate you or just plain make you smile. 2019 brought with it some beautiful bathroom remodeling trends we can’t wait to share. So, without further ado, here are the top trends in bathroom design and decorating for the new year.

Bathroom Remodeling Trend #1: Minimal, minus the sleek

Minimalism has been a hot design trend for a minute already, but 2019 has put a decidedly industrial spin on this aesthetic. Simplicity remains the key to this trend, but without the sleek, stainless look that popularized this style a few years ago. Instead, industrial design elements are incorporated here for a unique twist. Sinks with clean lines and exposed piping; concrete countertops with warm wood vanities and copper fixtures– as long as it’s simple and warm, it’s in right now.

Bathroom Remodeling Trend #2: Au natural with a pop

Light, white bathrooms have given way to darker, natural tones with pops of vibrant color this year.  Two popular natural materials to try: wood and concrete. A pop of color can come from anywhere – a blood-orange sink basin, perhaps, or a strip of regal gold tiles running the length of the space. Temper all that color with dark matte cabinetry and industrial concrete countertops, copper fixtures and warm, wood accents.

Bathroom Remodeling Trend #3: Smart is the new cool  

From thermostats to refrigerators, more everyday appliances and products are connected than ever before. But if you think smart products are relegated to the living room and kitchen, think again! Bathrooms are an ideal place to incorporate connected devices that add a level of simplicity – and luxury – to our homes. A few of the latest  smart products designed for bathrooms will make you feel positively futuristic. Think smart toilets that auto-heat the seat, clean themselves and flush without a touch; towel-warming drawers for a truly lush spa experience; vanity mirror or in-shower TVs for the ultimate multi-tasking experience; and smart showers that help to conserve water and control temps.

Bathroom Remodeling Trend #4: Artistic elements

Composition isn’t just for artists. This year, art takes shape in the most unlikely of spaces. 2019 appears to be the year of the unique artistic element. Bring this trend to life in your own bathroom remodel with an intricate sink bowl design or a statement-making tile wall design. Incorporate beautiful copper fixtures or intricate vanity cabinet pulls. Make a statement with a bold wall surround, individual ornate mirrors or a dark and moody wall color.

Bathroom Remodeling Trend #6: Free standing tubs

2019 is the year of the freestanding tub. Unlike its land-locked predecessor, freestanding tubs have room to shine. That’s because they aren’t squeezed into a tight corner or shoved up against a tile wall. Freestanding tubs allow for maximum style and creativity. You can get super traditional or imaginatively modern. Either way, the freestanding bathtub combines early 19thcentury style with spacious, modern influences that speak to the here and now. The best part may just be that elusive marriage of function and form that combines in the most delightful ways to give homeowners a wonderfully expressive bathroom centerpiece. If you’re more of a shower-person, walk-in showers are still trending and the latest looks leave nothing to be desired.

This year, incorporating the hottest trends into your bathroom remodel is more fun and inspiring than ever. The only rule is that there are no rules! Need help bringing out your artistic side or choosing the just-right products to complement your new look? Start with our bathroom visualizer tool! Then schedule your free design consultation. Re-Bath’s Design Consultants bring the showroom right to your living room and guide you every step along the way.  Contact your local Re-Bath today to get started – we can’t wait to help you design the bathroom of your dreams!