5 Tips for Cleaning the Bathroom Clutter

Toothpaste, towels, hand soap, extra toilet paper and more… bathrooms have a way of cramming lots of stuff into a small space. Organizing a bathroom can be a challenge to our creativity and our budgets. For most of us, these compact but important spaces are shared by spouses, kids, friends, and guests. Which makes clever storage and consolidation a priority. So that you can make the most of each square foot, we came up with five strategic tips to help organize your bathrooms.


  1. Add storage space

Thinking of knocking out a wall just to add space? Before you do any demolition work, consider adding some beautifully designed storage instead. Extra drawers, shelving and cabinets can make a world of difference, and keep all of those extra personal care products within reach but out of sight. Re-Bath partners with Bertch to provide customers with high quality, functional storage-ready cabinetry that’s built to last.


  1. Be honest with yourself about what you NEED

We’ve all been guilty of leaving four half-empty shampoo bottles in the shower. Or keeping that paper-thin tube of toothpaste, hoping to force one more brushing session out of it. The first step to organizing your bathroom is to rid yourself of all the junk. If you haven’t used it in a week, in the trash it goes. Have three bottles of the same product, two nearly empty and one new?  “Marry” the two older ones and recycle the empty bottle.


Letting go can be hard, but before you break out a bunch of clever organizing solutions, make sure you’re organizing items worth keeping.


  1. Make your shower work harder

Organizing shampoos, conditioners, lotions, and soaps can be a challenge, especially for those who share a bathroom with family members. Quickly, the shower fills up with bottles and containers, leaving an unsightly disorganized mess. Though plastic removable shelving is commonly used as a quick-fix, these disposable units are prone to falling and breaking. In addition, they often fill with soap scum and residue, detracting from the appearance of your shower.


Update the look of your shower and amplify storage space with Re-Bath’s built-in shower caddies and shelving units. Even a built-in shower bench is a clever way to add storage, safety and functionality to a cluttered shower.


  1. Ditch the bar soap

Bar soap is especially good at leaving scum, residue, and film on counters, sinks, and showers.  Swapping it out for liquid hand soaps, body washes, and lotions can not only save you hours of cleanup time but leave your bathroom more presentable overall. Remember, organizing is often about preventing the mess in the first place.


  1. Think dual purpose

Dual purpose mirror and cabinet units serve to enhance the organization, look, and feel of your bathroom. A small storage unit behind the mirror keeps personal items safely tucked away, and has the added benefit of making the space appear larger. Layered shelving is hidden neatly beneath a fold-out or collapsing mirror.