5 Things to Add to Your Holiday Wish List

The holidays are here! Little ones are writing letters to Santa and big kids are texting their list of most-wanted tech and toys. We think you should get to make a list, too! Here are 5 items worth adding to your holiday wish list.


Wish #1: Smoother Mornings

It’s been a tough couple of years and we could all use a little more good cheer. That starts with waking up on the right side of the bed, so to speak. Shuffling bleary-eyed to the bathroom in the morning shouldn’t make things worse. But when the sink drain backs up, the shower door falls off the track, or you stub your toe in the dark, even Santa struggles to stay jolly.

A smart bathroom remodel can clear obstacles, brighten your path, and keep necessities where they belong. Want to change your outlook? Here are  7 changes you can make now. And if you love to keep up with the latest trends, have a look at 2021’s colors of the year from top brands that can help you create any mood you want to set, from cozy to sophisticated.


Wish #2: Peace at Home

Even the best relationships get tested now and again. We’ve often said that if you want to know if you can cohabitate successfully with someone, try sharing a bathroom with them for a week! Banging elbows when you brush your teeth and sifting through foreign bottles and jars to find your eye cream might start out as a minor annoyance, but those little grievances add up! Sound familiar? Try these 5 tips for couples sharing a bathroom. And if you’ve ever shared a bathroom with siblings or have kids of your own that argue over time and space, you know that making some key updates can help to keep the peace at home and encourage independence. Sound too good to be true? Check out these 6 ways to avoid sibling rivalry in the bathroom.


Wish #3: Beautiful Surroundings

There’s something about being in a space that inspires you, isn’t there? When your surroundings create just the vibe you’re looking for and set the mood you want to convey, everything just feels more put together. We’ve all spent more than our fair share of time at home this year, wouldn’t it be nice to freshen it up? Whether you love traditional, contemporary, transitional or rustic style, you can design the space of your dreams and enjoy spending time there. Love the vintage vibe that’s been trending this year? Incorporate it into your bathroom with these 6 tips. Pick our designers’ brains for on-trend remodeling tips, design trends, and gorgeous tile styles.


Wish #4: Health and Safety

Health and safety have been on our collective minds lately. We want to feel safe and comfortable in our homes and that means designing a space with wellness in mind. Keep your whole family safe and reduce the likelihood of an injury at home with these design solutions for common safety hazards. If you’re thinking about staying in your home as you get older, some smart upgrades can make that wish more feasible. Here are five to consider for those preparing to age in place. You’ve likely spent more time cleaning this year than you ever wanted to, but keeping germs at bay is important, especially through the winter months. Here are 5 tips that can help you minimize germs at home. The latest tech gadgets and products can do much more than keep surfaces clean. From steam showers to sophisticated exhaust systems, and everything in between, here are 24 upgrades that can elevate not only the style of your bathroom but your health and wellness, too.


Wish #5: A Place for Everything

When clutter is everywhere, we tend to feel more than a little off balance. Wouldn’t it be nice if everything had a place, and everyone in your family had a dedicated space for their belongings? While we can offer some easy hacks for organizing every room in your home and share smart solutions for increasing the functionality of a space, it’s up to you to get everyone to put their things where they belong! Our Design Consultants are experts at reimagining spaces and helping homeowners gain maximum style and functionality. Schedule a free-in home design consultation, and turn your holiday wishes into a New Year reality!