3 Reasons to Work with a Remodeler Who Hires Only In-house Employees

When it comes to choosing a remodeling company for your home project, you have choices. So many, that it may be hard to determine which is the best fit for a particular project. One of the most important questions to ask of any potential company you hire is, “Do your employees do the work, or do you subcontract out the heavy lifting?” Why is this important? Three great reasons.

No. 1: Peace of Mind

When homeowners hire a company to remodel a room, they’re essentially opening their home up to strangers who come in and out, bringing in supplies, tearing out old materials, and installing new products. It can be especially intimidating when you hire one remodeling company, and then are greeted with a series of strange faces throughout the process. A company with full-time employees can add a little comfort to the process. Knowing that the installers and other professionals coming into your home answer to one company, and are part of the same mission and structure as the one you hired, makes a difference. There is also a confidence in dealing with an established, brick and mortar business. Many remodeling and service companies exist solely online, and try to appear larger by working with a wide variety of contractors. But a company with a solid reputation provides peace of mind that goes a long way. If there is ever an issue with your remodel, an established company will likely stand behind its work, which means you won’t have to spend days tracking down rogue contractors. Re-Bath customers have just one point of contact for anything they might need.  We call it our “one contractor accountability.” Homeowners call it ‘peace of mind.’

No. 2: Cost

One of the most common complaints among homeowners is that contractors will promote one price, but by the time the project is underway, the cost has increased exponentially. That’s typically because most freelance contractors quote a price based on certain products, before they know a homeowner’s preference. Once the homeowner shops around and decides on flooring, countertop, wall surrounds, fixtures and other materials, the price is well outside of the original budget. Full-time employees tend to be more familiar with typical orders, and what their customers often choose. At Re-Bath our designers bring the showroom to you and go over all your options during a no-obligation design consultation. That way, you receive an accurate quote based on the products you choose for your remodel.

No. 3: Timing

When it comes to bathroom remodeling, there are companies that promise to complete the work in one day, and others that take months. How can homeowners be sure which timing they should believe? The truth is that there’s really only about a week of work involved in a typical bathroom remodel. Some companies tout a one-day remodel simply by covering up old problems. Most spread the work out over several weeks. That’s not usually because they’re being lazy, but that the work is based on contractors’ schedules and many remodeling companies subcontract out all the work. At Re-Bath, the professionals working on your model—from the demolition crew to the drywall pro, the painters, and installers—are Re-Bath employees. That means, we set all of their schedules. The only things that might be contracted out are the electrical and plumbing, because they must be licensed. The bottom line is, we’re experts at just one thing: bathroom remodels. So, we have it down to a science.

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