3 Hot Trends in Bathroom Tech for the New Year

Welcome to the future! 2018 is here, and along with it, new trends in bathroom technology. Once thought of as a strictly utilitarian space, new product offerings from companies like Moen, Bertch Cabinets, and Durabath are transforming bathrooms into an extension of your home’s living space. Giving your bathroom a spa-like feel with newly developed materials and fixtures is a rapidly growing movement, and bathroom technology is making it more accessible than ever. Here are some of 2018’s biggest trends in bathroom technology.

bathroom tech trends

Trend #1: Advanced materials & manufacturing

Advancements in stone, wood, and wood-like materials mean bathrooms are not only more aesthetically pleasing than ever, but are easier to maintain. And bathroom goods manufacturers are developing new, greener production methods, in response to the growing popularity of eco-friendly homes.

  • Beautiful stone wall surrounds are trending fast this year, thanks to advancements in manufacturing and installation technology. Available in everything from granite and marble to venetian stone, these surrounds give bathrooms a natural, warm appearance at a fantastic price point. Now thinner and lighter than ever, new stone materials eliminate the need for wasted rock, while remaining mold resistant and 100% waterproof.
  • Wood-like flooring materials are bringing the appearance of hardwood floors to bathrooms everywhere. By using tile with the appearance of beautifully finished wood, homeowners can now have the best in aesthetics without sacrificing durability. Products like Avaire’s porcelain wood-tile planks offer a low-maintenance, highly durable, beautiful wood-alternative that add to your space without compromising longevity or upkeep.
  • A slew of bathroom goods manufacturers are moving towards environmentally-conscious manufacturing. Cabinetry from companies like Bertch is being built with minimal raw material waste and coatings that don’t pollute the air. Thanks to growing social awareness, it’s unlikely that this responsible home goods trend will slow down any time soon.

Trend #2: Relaxation-focused devices

Advancements in relaxation-centric technology mean bathrooms no longer need to feel cold and institutional. Instead, this previously underutilized space is becoming a destination for mindfulness and rest! Here’s what you’ll find in a lot of updated bathrooms in the coming year:

  • Bluetooth speakers are perfect for adding a spa-like feel to your newly remodeled bathroom. Battery-powered and waterproof units are readily available, easily hidden, and can be connected to your favorite streaming service in a snap. Kick the morning off right with your favorite station or play something soothing after a long day at the office.
  • Oil-diffusers are growing in popularity as more consumers recognize the potential health benefits of infusing essential oils in the bathroom. New designs and finishes fit for the 21st century mean these little devices blend into any bathroom design seamlessly. As you might expect in 2018, Bluetooth-enabled diffusers can also be had for a slightly higher price, with built-in speakers and alarms.

Trend #3: Waste-minimizing fixtures

Our collective desire to lessen our impact on the earth has irreversibly impacted the bathroom remodeling industry. Re-Bath partners like Moen have been hard at work combining the best in design and efficiency for your bathroom. In 2018, a bathroom remodel will not only add to the value of your home but can decrease your monthly utility costs thanks to new trends in design that maximize efficiency.

  • Water-saving faucets like Moen’s Eva series are a hybrid of environmentally responsible design and the performance families need. Still delivering up to 1.2 gallons per minute, Moen has incorporated WaterSense technology to minimize the impact on both the environment and your water bill.
  • High-efficiency toilets provide outstanding performance while decreasing your water bill and your impact on the environment. Companies like Ferguson are hard at work producing WaterSense, High Efficiency, and Ultra-Low-Consumption certified units. Lessening your bathroom’s impact on the planet—and your wallet—is sure to be a top tech trend for a long time to come!

This year’s tech trends are aimed at making your bathroom more beautiful, functional, and enjoyable than ever before. Think your bathroom could use a facelift for the new year? Schedule a free, in-home design consultation and find out which trends can turn your bathroom into a family-centric space that’s as beautiful as it is functional.