In part 1 of our Ultimate Bathroom Design Guide, we talked about space and furniture, and how to make your bathroom feel most efficient. Now, we’ll check out some more bathroom design ideas as we go over the fun and creative part of lighting and design.

Part Two: Bathroom Design Ideas

1.       Lighting


Your lighting plan will be one of the most important parts of your bathroom along with the furniture you choose. A dark and ill-lit bathroom only feels claustrophobic and is not good for getting ready in the morning.

  • Bar: This is the most common type of light, affixed to a plate in a row over the mirror.
  • Sconce: Place these to the side of the mirrors. They look great for mood, especially with low ceilings.
  • Recessed: Clean and contemporary, these lights help brighten a room from above. Try these over a shower or bathtub.
  • Windows: Letting in natural light will do the most to brighten your bathroom. Determine how much light you get from your window and what you’ll need to do to enhance it. Account for nights and cloudy days as well.

2.       Flooring

  • Ceramic tiles: Tile’s flexible color and designs let you pick the right look for your bathroom. Use differing sizes to create interest. Complement your tile with a different color of grout—just make sure it’s well-sealed for easy cleaning!
  • Stone: Great for a master bath, stone looks luxurious and immediately eye-catching.  Just make sure you use rugs and mats to keep people from slipping.
  • Wood: As long as it’s properly moisture-sealed, natural wood creates a luxury or spa atmosphere in your bathroom.

3.       Vanities

A large part of any bathroom is the vanity, which makes this one of the important bathroom design ideas to consider.  Along with the tub, vanities serve as a focal point for the room. Pick wood colors and styles that pop, especially in a pale bathroom.

Cabinetry and the vanity’s countertop will also stand out here. Use the vanity to showcase your personal style!

4.       Storage

While extra items can be stored outside the bathroom in a linen closet, it’s much more efficient to store towels, toiletries, and extra products in the bathroom. Use good storage that keeps clutter out of sight and looks good for your space. Each type of bathroom will have different needs and abilities.

  • Half-baths and powder rooms: Use only enough storage to hold necessities like extra toilet paper, tissues, and hand soap.
  • Three-quarter and full baths: With heavier traffic and more people using these bathrooms, organization is a must for storage, so use plenty of drawers.
  • Master bathrooms: Because of the adults using the space, these often contain more products and appliances. Plus, they can be further from linen closets and will therefore need on-hand storage space as possible. Drawers and cabinets in your vanity will help accommodate this storage.

Need even more storage?

Walls: Using shelves, cabinets, and cubbies instead of vanities will maximize floor space for needs like getting in and out of the tub or shower, and getting ready for the day.

Back of the door: This underused space is great for small bathroom storage. Hang towels, robes, and product organizers here to save room.

5.       Ventilation

Whether or not you want to include a window in your bathroom is one of the bathroom design ideas to consider as well. Windows are a good form of ventilation. But if this isn’t enough or you don’t have access to a window, use an extractor fan.

Ventilation is also extremely important in a powder room or half-bathroom. Because of the small space and its function, particularly among guests, you’ll need to ensure it doesn’t retain unsettling smells.

6.       Color

Your bathroom should feel clean and tidy, and your colors will showcase this. Many bathrooms will stick to white, which is easy to maintain and feels clean and welcoming. Colors that evoke water, like sea-foam green and dark blue, or luxury, like purple or gold, are also good bathroom choices. Or, match your tile with flexible neutrals like beige or gray.

Don’t let yellow, yellow-green, or brown dominate. In a bathroom, this looks very unclean!

Sometimes you can opt for wallpaper rather than standard paint. This is best done in a powder room for an eye-catching look. Wallpaper may get damaged with the moisture from a shower or tub unless the bathroom is properly ventilated.

7.       Accessories

  • Before picking the style, focus on durability for your fixtures and accessories. Towel rails and tissue paper holders will need to withstand a lot of handling, especially in family spaces.
  • Be careful not to overcrowd your bathroom. Medicine cabinets, hangers, and soap dishes, for example, can be convenient but depend heavily on the size of your bathroom.
  • Stick with the same materials for your fixtures. Mixing metals throughout your bathroom will make it look cluttered and discordant.
  • Accessories don’t just mean utilitarian fixtures! Include decorative jars, lights, plants, and art in your bathroom to help it feel attractive and to give it a theme. Counter the hard edges of a bathroom with soft window and floor treatments like curtains and rugs.

Still have questions about bathroom design ideas? Contact us! Our consultants can help you pick out the best look for your bathroom and budget.