We’ve shown you a few clever ways to help make a small bathroom look bigger. Here are a few other design tricks to help you out, especially if you’re not a fan of white-on-white, or don’t have much natural lighting.

Minimize Transitions

Transitions are where one color or material meets another. If you have small spaces, or end one color part-way over a floor or wall, this can chop up your valuable space and make the room claustrophobic. To minimize transitions with hardware, bring vanities and cabinets all the way to the corner. You’ll get more wall space and your bathroom will feel deeper. Also, keep your mirrors wall-to-wall if you can, both to minimize transitions and to reflect more of the room.

Use the Same Color, Tone, or Value

If you don’t favor white-on-white, this is a good option for you. It follows the same principle, however: a room painted one color will feel much bigger. To keep the room from becoming “boring” or too static, confine dark or bold colors to a small vanity or floating shelves above the toilet.

Paint the ceiling the same color as the walls or one shade lighter. This will help hide low or odd areas and angles. It’s also one less transition to split up the space. Be sure to keep the tiles a similar shade as well; this keeps the room from dividing.

Extend Tiles

This is a great way to make a small bathroom look bigger. Use the same tiling pattern for your standing shower and floor. This makes your shower look larger because it can be difficult to tell from the door where it ends. Or try bringing the tiles out of the shower to cover a whole wall. Done with gray or brown tiles, this can make your shower feel more like a spa!

Hang Tall Curtains

If you need more privacy than clear glass provides, or you can’t install glass, pick tall curtains. Hang the rod as close to the ceiling as possible. You may have to buy longer curtains and liners, but the extra height makes the room seem taller than it is.

Install a Sliding Door

For those with a little more wall space by the entrance, remove the hinges and try a sliding door. You’ll get the extra elbow room plus more light–something you might not find in a small bathroom with a swinging door.

Get Creative With Your Storage

A small bathroom means you might not have the space for extra furniture and fixtures. So you’ll have to get creative to store towels, tissues, and products. This can greatly help make a small bathroom look bigger.

The back of the door often goes unused. Install a hook there, and hang towels on the back of the door. Floating shelves over the toilet also maximize often-wasted space.

If your toilet stands uncomfortably exposed, hide it from view of the door with a small bookcase or square storage unit. Not only will you get privacy you may need, but you can use it to store towels and toilet paper. Finally, try this behind your shower or tub when you remodel your bathroom!

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