Whether large or small, your master bathroom deserves to be the grandest, most luxurious bathroom in your home. A space for relaxing as well as preparing for the day, your personal spa should feel welcoming and perfect for you.

Two is Better Than One

Install double sinks and vanities so that each person can enjoy his or her space in the bathroom. Along with this, make sure to have separate storage space to avoid disorganization. Your bathroom will be much more peaceful if no one has to go looking for products!

Walk-in closet

Even if it’s shared in a smaller master bath, a walk-in closet helps keep everything organized and easy-to-reach. Plus, it may open up valuable space in the master bedroom if it’s large enough that you won’t need a dresser.

Extra-large bathtub

After a long day, it’s good to sit back and relax. A ledge around these bathtubs will be great for adding candles or drinking glasses, as well as products like plenty of bubble-bath—a must-have for large tubs.

Or, install a claw-foot tub for extra luxury! Just make sure it’s close to a counter or a table for easy access to products.

Counter and Counter Space

Master bathrooms deserve lots of extra counter space for products, potions, and tools like razors and hair dryers. Decorate these spaces with a few accessories for color pops.