Many parents take joy in designing rooms for their children. Partly because parents love making their child feel special, but also—children’s rooms aren’t limited by the look of the rest of the house. You’ll automatically get more freedom designing a kids bathrooms.

That means you can go crazy with color, add cute accessories—even make the room fun and interesting with vinyl and other art! We’ll give you design ideas to create the perfect bathroom space for your child.

Before You Start

Despite your unlimited creative freedom, you’ll need to consider if you can afford or tolerate a major remodel when your child ages. Those child-size, side-by-side toilets are cute, but can you stand to pull them out when your twins turn to teenagers? It’s important to combine cool with common sense when designing a kids bathroom.

This also goes for when your child is still young. He or she should be able to use the bathroom without relying on help. Use easy-to-reach storage spaces and footstools so your child can be comfortable in their own bathroom.

Finally, remember that the perfect bathroom design is probably a compromise between what your child wants and what you want. They’ll need to use this space more often, and while designing, consider their wants and needs. You’ll help your child feel valued this way, plus the room will be more comfortable for them.

Colors and paint in Kids Bathrooms

Children’s bathrooms often focus on bright hues and primary colors—a look you might not so easily include in the rest of the house. If you know you’ll have the time later to repaint, these fun colors help get your child excited and can stimulate their imagination.

However, brighter and bolder colors may not age as well as your child grows. One day, your child may look at their green, jungle-themed bathroom and find it “uncool,” as sad as that is to dwell on. Contemporary bases in your bathroom will age the best. They’ll also be easy to work with as your child and his or her interests change.

But it doesn’t mean you need to limit yourself to a boring palette! Color pops like towels and shower curtains can brighten up your bathroom and make it feel fun. Or, you can make the bathroom look classy and interesting with timeless colors and patterns that you and your child will love as time goes by.


A combination shower/bath could be the best option for a child or family bath. It will save space if your child is still young, and makes the transition easier if your child outgrows baths for showers.

Pick a sink that will work for the number of children using a bathroom at once. Will the sink be big enough to share when they’re washing their hands after play, or brushing their teeth at bedtime? If you have the space and multiple children using the bathroom, consider putting in double sinks to avoid crowding. Or, make sure your vanity has enough space for two or more children, even if they’re doing different tasks.

If you want your bathroom to look great with minimal effort, try using decorative mirrors. A fun frame or shape, like a fancy vanity-style mirror or a round one that imitates a porthole, adds a lot to your theme.


It may seem obvious to go with rubber duckies and nautical themes. But not every bathroom needs to be water-themed, particularly if you or your child aren’t thrilled with these looks. Decorate based on their favorite colors and interests if you’re looking to branch out. Keep in mind that interests can change, so make sure that your theme will last more than a few months or even a year or two.


Create scenes and themes with decals, like fish and bubbles. Vinyl decals are easy to apply and easy to remove when your child needs an upgraded look in his or her bathroom.


Hanging canvas prints and other art in a well-ventilated bathroom also adds a nice touch to your walls if decals aren’t for you. These can also look great if your child painted them, or helped contribute. A personalized touch like this can help them truly enjoy and invest in their kids bathroom space.


When you don’t have much wall space for art, or you need to stick with a neutral base color, keep your bathroom fun and bright with personalized accessories in a fun color. These can be personalized towels, colorful toothbrush holders, and bright bathmats and rugs.


Especially if more than one child uses the bathroom, you’ll need plenty of storage space for toys, towels, pajamas, and soaps. Make sure in your remodel that you build in plenty of easy-to-reach cubbies, cabinets, or shelves. If you have small children, consider using doorless shelving so they can’t hurt their little fingers! Safety first in your kids bathroom!


Remodeling for your little ones? Re-Bath would love to help! Our skilled professionals can help you create the best-looking and most comfortable space for your children of any age!